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Ministry of Supply Clothing Company Co-Brands with Red Oxx – Your Logo Our Bags

Behind the Brand, The Strand Interviews Jim Markel

Corporate Order Promotional Program in Action.

Aman Adani, one third of the driving power behind the forward-thinking high-technology clothing outfit Minsitry of Supply has admired Red Oxx since a friend introduced him in 2007, when he was a full time traveling consultant.

Hundreds of flights later and a new company under his belt, a reporter asked Aman who his design inspirations were, one company he mentioned was Red Oxx. CEO Jim Markel saw the article and initiated contact, and so began a lasting dialogue.

During that time, the idea for a co-branding collaboration for a Limited Edition Ministry of Supply Garment Bag arose. Austin Bryant from Ministry of Supply’s blog ‘The Strand’ recently engaged Jim in an interview about Red Oxx’s history of their brand philosophy.

They also discussed how the two brands are working together utilizing Red Oxx’s Corporate Promotional Product Program.

Austin asked Jim, "Family is at the root of your company. Tell us about how the brand was started."

"Red Oxx was initially started in 1986 to make fitness products like weight belts and pulling straps. At the time, I was still active duty and my father had just retired from the Marines. He called down to Camp Pendleton and hit me up for some webbing from the para-loft. At the time I was a parachute rigger with Force Recon, so fitness was a big part of my life.

After completing my service I joined my father in Montana, where we began to build out the product line and court more business. As we continued to grow, I reached out to the Veterans Affairs Dept. in search of another rigger, and that is when Perry Jones came on board. Together, we purchased my father out of the business."

Jim and Austin went on to talk about producing world class bags in Billings, Montana and the commitment Red Oxx has made to creating opportunities for jobs not just in Montana at Red Oxx but also throughout the entire US of A as Red Oxx focuses on the challenging task of sourcing made in USA textiles, parts and pieces to build their bags. You can read more including: a day in the life of a CEO of Red Oxx, corporate responsibility in working with impoverished communities at the international level, and get the inside scoop on Ministry of Supply’s Limited Edition Garment Bag, a proprietary promotional suit/garment bag developed using Red Oxx’s Corporate Program "Your Logo, Our Bags" over at Ministry of Supply’s blog 'The Strand'.

The Red Oxx Corporate Promotional Program invites companies to work with Red Oxx in not only making bags that exist within the company’s product line in custom color combinations featuring any of the twelve mainline Red Oxx colors, but also custom bag designs themselves. The catchy tagline “Your Logo, Our Bag” simply means your company can feature your logo on one of our bags.

Minimum order for a custom bag designed by Red Oxx, or in collaboration with your design team, is 50 bags. Minimum order for mixed mainline color promotional bags (your choice mix and match panel colors) is 10 bags.

Each bag will feature your company’s logo prominently embroidered on a panel of your choosing, making for a unique and valued gift for your employees and clients. For more information about this wonderful inspiring program contact Red Oxx at 1-888-733-6999 or inquire via Email.

Ministry of Supply Designed Custom Limited Edition Red Oxx Built Garment Bag Co-branded Limited Edition Garment Bag available at Ministry of Supply
Ministry of Supply Limited Edition Garment Bag.