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Mini Ruck Successfully Tours Disney World

Brian with his favorite travel companions.

A Perfect Fit for a Family Trip.

Brian took his family to Florida for a little vacation at Disney World and brought his Red Oxx Mini Rucksack; along with a delightful little companion. We love pictures like these from our fans!

For submitting his Adventure Journal, Brian gets his choice of Rigger Wallet or Market Tote. When will we hear about about YOUR adventure?


Your Mini Ruck Rucksack was the perfect bag for my family’s recent trip to Florida. It fit perfectly under the plane seat, hauling a Mac PowerBook and a ton of other gear.

Once on the ground, it was the ideal bag for a day at Disney World. I thought I’d send you a couple of pictures that my father-in-law took that shows the bag in action.

By the way, we also ordered four Safari Beano’s PR 5.5 bags and a Chica for my wife for this trip. The bags performed flawlessly. We couldn’t be happier with our selections.

Brian Nettleingham

Awesome news Brian. And we couldn’t be happier with such a lovely picture. ~ Cheers, Jim Markel CEO