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Midnight Blue EDC Gator Multi-tasks for 15 Day Mission

lynell p;oses with her Red Oxx Gator EDC Bag

Gator Does Duty for Carry-on Gear, Laptop Bag, Tool Bag and Bank Bag

Lynell discovered her Gator Everyday Carry bag was good for more than just carrying her gear on a plane, it also served as "job site" bag while building a church in Chile. Her Gator was up to the task as tool bag, laptop bag and even as a bank bag. Talk about versatile! Let’s find out what else Lynell discovered in Chile.

I took my midnight blue Gator on a 15-day church building mission trip over the Christmas/New Years holidays. I went with 30 people to Concepcion, Chile to build a red block church.

I used the Gator as my day bag to haul water and sun screen, as a camera bag for my Nikon D-40 compact camera, and as a tool bag for my hard hat, gloves, safety glasses and all the various and sundry items to get through the day on the job site. At various times during the trip it also served as a laptop bag and held by netbook computer in addition, of course, to holding all my camera gear.

Since the hotel security was a bit of an issue, this bag also served as the bank deposit box for the group’s money. At one point it was carrying over 4 million pesos in group funds!

This bag performed great! It stood up to the rigor of being kicked about while keeping my gear protected. The Gator survived the grit of the job site, needing just a quick sponging off at the end of the day. There was no problem with keeping my eye on the bag during the day since it was so distinctive in the pile of group gear.

The Gator handled everything with aplomb. Thanks for the well-made, versatile bag!

While I was there, I also discovered that Chile is full of fun, warm-hearted people that love life!

It’s great that you discovered our Gator is so versatile. But what’s an even greater discovery is the good feeling one gets from doing a service for a people who deserve such love. Congratulations Lynell on contributing to the well being of a 3rd world country.
~Cheers, Jim Markel – CEO