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Love List 6 – Red Oxx Gear Gift Guide Videos

It's Christmas time at the Red Oxx Factory Showroom

What does Red Oxx mean to the people behind the brand? What bags would they recommend to friends or family that would make for a legendary lifetime-lasting Christmas gift? Let’s begin with the Red Oxx Mission Statement:

We create unlimited function, mobility, and power by building the best bags on the planet.

The mission statement alone is a pretty good reason to consider Red Oxx gear for your holiday gifts.

Who wouldn’t want a bag that can be used multiple ways, is ready to go any where any time, and is empowering because it puts your focus on your task at hand, whether it’s a leisurely day at the beach, or completing that crucial all-important business deal, and puts your mind at ease?

The "No Bull" Lifetime Warranty means Red Oxx stands behind our bags with the confidence of 33 years of hand-crafting mankind’s true best friend – the ubiquitous bag.

Without further ado, let the herd speak. Here’s Christian and Sam sharing their Christmas Spirit.

Love List 6

Your Red Oxx Gear Gift Guide – straight from the horses, er, BULL’s mouth:

  • Mezzo Tote – the popular new medium size sustainable shopping tote took the herd by storm this year.
  • Possibles Pouch – a cute little bag that started life as a duplicate of a little leather pouch that held Jim’s audio recorder has been discontinued.
  • Sky Train – the world’s first convertible backpack carry-on was born back in 07 and has become the most copied bag in its class.
  • Micro Manager – Red Oxx recognized the need for a tablet bag, as more and more folks move from laptops to tablets.
  • K-12 Kat Pack Backpack – a kid’s backpack that every adult need not be wary of, outstanding capacity in its class(room).
  • Lil Roy Gadget Bag – a multi-use bag if there ever was one, the Lil Roy returns for another round. Let’s let Red Oxxs’ CEO explain:


CEO Jim and President Perry have been building bags for ages. As former parachute riggers they understand the importance of strength in stitching. President Perry is the designer of the Lil Roy. This fellow named Roy came into the shop one day and needed a bag to hold his tire chains.

Over the years Jim has taken a keen interest in his Lil Roy, carrying it all over the world from Africa to Costa Rica to Holland. Making a comeback from last year’s Love List 6, here’s his take on the infamous Lil Roy Gadget bag.

"In a world of unlimited possibilities the Lil Roy is the Every Day Carry bag to end all bags. I have been using this multi-purpose ‘man purse’ for many of my adventures. From dog training to a day at the range, the compact, yet spacious main compartment makes for the ideal hobby bag. Some of our original uses were: Tire Chains bag for Mr. Roy, Diaper Bag for Dad, Range Bag, Personal Item Carry-on, Camera bag, Lunch Sack, and the list can go on and on forever," enthused Jim.

"My Red Oxx fleet has three Lil Roys in three different colors. For the most part I have one set up specifically as my cabin bag for flying. The others are set up for field use and probably have dirt from