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Oxx Bronze by Christopher Smith Galleries Celebrates Our 20 Years

Red Oxx Bronze Oxx by Christopher Smith

Red Oxx is proud to announce that world renowned bronze sculpture Christopher Smith has been awarded the commission for the creation of the official Red Oxx bronze sculpture.

Founded in 1986 Red Oxx set forth to make the finest travel gear in the world. After over 20 years in business Perry and I thought it was time to take the Red Oxx logo and have a bronze commissioned to represent the brand and to commemorate this landmark occasion.

The official herd size for this limited edition is 186 and each piece will come with the Oxx Master certificate certifying authenticity. To capture the unique style and feel of the Red Oxx brand Christopher has developed a proprietary patina called "Oxx Blood;" this exclusive finish will give the bronze a color all its own. The development of this finish was a key factor in the winning of this commission.

The bronze itself is quite a departure from Christopher’s usual style and he put in many hours on the look and feel.

"The Red Oxx has always caught my eye since the first time I purchased one of their bags nine years ago. I knew that I would have to change my style a bit to capture the essence of the brand."

In keeping with the renegade style of the brand Christopher set aside some of the conventional rules of anatomy and created a beast that expresses the raw emotion and hard charging spirit of our up and coming company while still creating a piece of fine art.

Red Oxx Master Bronze Side ViewRed Oxx Master Bronze Side View

Starting with the original logo of the famous snorting bull. Christopher had to bring a three dimensional view to the Oxx. "I started with the face of the Oxx since it really communicates the emotion of Red Oxx," and from there he sculpted out an exciting and powerful representation of the beast.

The bronzes debuted at Safari Club International in January of 2007 with the presentation serial #001 to Scott Martin CEO of Granite Properties. Mr. Martin made a qualifying purchase of over $50,000.00 of Red Oxx gear through the Corporate Program for his top clients and employees.

Red Oxx Master Bronze Rear ViewRed Oxx Master Bronze Rear View

Christopher makes his home in Caldwell Texas where he works from his studio. Summers are spent in Maine at the Gallery accepting commissions and studying. The numerous awards he has received for his work are a testament to his artistry and love of sculpting.

The bronzes are now available for individual purchase or free to qualifying corporate orders. The photo of the ma-quette shows a glimpse of how these magnificent sculptures look.

Thanks for twenty exciting years!

Jim Markel & Perry Jones – Co-owners