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Flying Private Charters Might be the Way of the Future

Red Oxx Mini Boss readies to fly off

Why You Should Charter A Private Flight

Today, commercial flights are mostly grounded. The airlines industry is down 90-95% in some areas, 40% here in Montana. The effects of the shutdown were staggering to all involved in the travel industry. Commercial business and recreational travel was down, There’s been a surprising shift in chartered flying.

A recent poll of chartered flight companies revealed that in 2019, business charter flights accounted for 75% overall. Private flights 25%. Since the pandemic, the shift has moved to 65% business and 35% private. So, you can still fly to where you need, or want to be, for business or pleasure. It’s not as difficult as you might think.

It’s also not as costly as you would expect. While the large airlines are quietly mostly shutdown, smaller flight groups are moving strategically to engage the traveler’s needs. In fact Alaska, referred to as the "Klondike State" flying by charter, or as the locals call it – an air taxi, is common. Due to the mountainous region, and numerous lakes taking a plane is preferable to driving treacherous or impassable roads to remote locations.

Commercial Luggage vs Chartered Luggage

Let’s look at what makes a charter flight different from a commercial flight in regards to luggage. Since Red Oxx is at heart, a traveler’s bag company, here’s some pointers for the charter flight novice.

Bag Size and Weight Distribution

The two biggest concerns regarding luggage for smaller chartered planes are bag size and weight distribution. Smaller aircraft, even jets, require balancing the weight of the luggage within the plane. Many do not have the luxury of a roomy overhead bin, nor the space of a large cargo hold. Often small aircraft have a narrow fuselage, with barely enough room to sit, let alone stuff a clunky rolling suitcase into a "cargo hold" or (probably non-existent) "overhead bin".

This is an area Red Oxx Luggage shines. The soft-sided nature of our bags made them ideal for carry-on travel in the pre-pandemic age. Even more perfect for chartered flights in the birth of the post pandemic age.

You can mash your soft-sided bag to fit whatever space available in the plane you need to cram it. Shove it under the seat, in a corner, at the tail of the fuselage, etc.

In fact, there are several Red Oxx bags that even come with compression straps that allow you to tighten down your load. Not just to secure it better, but to make it "fit" where it needs to go.

Here are four bags you can compress to fit the spaces where they’ll store on the plane.

Red Oxx Recommended Compressible Charter Flight Bags:

Lil Hombre Small Compressible Collapsible Backpack Duffel:
Dimensions: 19″L x 13″W x 10″H
Capacity: 2,478 Cubic Inches
Features stow-away backpack straps, three long compartments, twin exterior compression straps, carry it four ways, sized for smaller statures

Tres Hombres Medium Compressible Collapsible Backpack Duffel
Dimensions: 20″L x 14″W x 11″H
Capacity: 3,080 Cubic Inches
Features stow-away backpack straps, three long compartments, twin exterior compression straps, carry it four ways

Sherpa Jr. Expedition Large Compressible Collapsible Backpack Cargo Duffel
Dimensions: 27″L x 15″W x 15″H
Capacity: 6075 cubic inches
Features stow-away backpack straps, padded ballistic nylon skid-plate, compression straps, end grab loops

Big Oxx Expedition Extra Large Compressible Collapsible Backpack Cargo Duffel
Dimensions: 30″L x 16″W x 16″H
Capacity: 7680 cubic inches
Features stow-away backpack straps, padded ballistic nylon skid-plate, compression straps, end grab loops

One Bag, Two Bags, Three Bags – What For?

The second factor charter flight operators appreciate is multiple bags. Now this might sound ridiculous because we just told you size and weight is important. However, carrying two or even three soft-sided bags allows the pilot to evenly distribute the weight within the plane. Having three bags allows the pilot to pick and choose where a small bag will fit, or a large bag. It’s a win/win situation. You get to bring along what you need, the pilot gets to balance his airplane.

Ivan Carter and a Red Oxx Big Oxx Bag prep for a puddle jump chartered flight in Africa.

For example, you could pack your clothes in the medium sized Tres Hombres Compressible Collapsible Backpack Duffel, and your toiletries in a Tri-fold Toiletry Kit, and your Laptop Computer in a C.C. Rider.

Charter Flight Rates

Generally most charter flights are charged by the minute. So it will pay (no pun intended) to have everything ready to go, with your bags tightly compressed, your belongings divided into two-three bags, and as with commercial flights, arrive early.

In much the same way as travel agencies and major airlines, smaller charter flight companies can help you book your flight. Because they’re not as constricted to specific flight schedules, flight paths, or even flight locations. As smaller aircraft they can land on smaller air strips. With competition from commercial airlines at a minimum, scheduling charter flights can sometimes be a lot more flexible.

Charter Flight Disease Safety

Even today, flying still remains statistically the safest way to travel. Here’s why.

Charter flights don’t carry large numbers of passengers. Because charter and private aircraft are smaller, they are easier and quicker to disinfect and keep clean.

Surprisingly, a recent study by Department of Defense discovered the risk of viral infected aerosol dispersion, which means transmission of the virus through the air on aerosol droplets, was reduced by a whopping 99.7%!

This high efficiency rate is caused by the high volume of air exchange rates that are fed through high-efficiency HEPA-filters during re-circulation in the fuselage. Air blown downwards onto passengers in modern jets is cleaner than air in your home or even in a surgical operating room!

It’s OK, open that overhead vent and aim the fresh clean filtered air at your face.

So unless you’re making out with the person next to you who may be contagious, you’re actually surprisingly safe from catching air-borne influenza on an aircraft flight.*

Running through airports is another matter. One study published in March of 2020 found that 70% of airline passengers did not wash their hands after using the restrooms in airports. Make certain you follow all the usual recommended local safety precautions embarking and disembarking.

So go ahead, plan your vacation, visit your lonely isolated relatives during the holidays this year by employing chartered flights. Remember to use soft-sided travel bags and divide your belongings up into two or three of these bags so the pilot can properly distribute them.

To stay up-to-date on Safe Air Charter Operations, visit the Federal Aviation Administration website here.

For a consumer guide on chartering aircraft check out this free publication from the National Air Transportation Association.

~ Happy travels from the Herd at Red Oxx.

*Red Oxx makes no claims or recommendations regarding passenger safety. Each passenger is responsible for their own health and well being.