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Love List 6 – Red Oxx Best Gift Ideas We Build

Red Oxx Love List 6 Gift Guide

NOTICE: Red Oxx builds bags. Around Christmas we build a LOT of bags. So if you’re looking to get your loved ones some good old fashioned made in U.S.A. travel luggage or everyday carry bags, now’s actually a great time to place your order.

Bags are as much a daily companion in every day life as a phone, a pet, a pair of pants, and a shirt or skirt. Indeed, the Everyday Carry Bag has come into its own and that is why several made it onto this gift list.

Red Oxx also builds stuff for stuffing stockings and recommends stuff we don’t build. These stuffers are all unique gift ideas that define both the giver and the recipient. The gifts you buy this season will personally affect our employees and the employees of the companies we source our materials from. The “Butterfly Effect” is in full force at Red Oxx. This is why the decisions you make as a consumer this Christmas will be felt for years to come.

Butterfly Effect: When something you do reaches out beyond your personal sphere out into the world and affects something or someone else you are not aware of.

The same factors are at play for smart Christmas gifts this year as any other. When you choose Red Oxx you choose wisely, you choose quality, you choose American made, because it affects our families, and ultimately, yours.

Red Oxx Love List 6 Gift Guide Idea #1


B.A.R.K. Dog Leash : What better way to give a gift for a pet lover than to give a gift that gives twice (talking about that butterfly effect)? When you purchase a B.A.R.K. Dog Leash for your favorite friend’s pet, or for your pet, Red Oxx will donate a B.A.R.K. Dog Leash to the local pet rescue shelter which we named our leash after… the Billings Animal Rescue Kare, or B.A.R.K. for short.

To date, Red Oxx has donated over 400 leashes.

Red Oxx CEO Jim Markel hands off the first 100 Dog Leashes to B.A.R.K.

If you want to see a butterfly effect you contributed to, buy a B.A.R.K. Pet Leash and donate them both!

Love List 6 Gift Guide Idea #2


Booty Boss Waist Pack : When you think of Booty, what comes to mind? Is it riches beyond belief or a backside beyond, well… belief? While we certainly can appreciate the latter, it’s the former that’s the subject here.

If you missed this super cool bag the first time it came around in our 2019 Red Eye Collective Special Editions, now’s your chance to get caught up. Now more than ever before it seems we’re carrying around more stuff. With skinny pants pockets mostly worthless these days, something like a fanny pack is a strikingly good idea. Everything you need is, as the saying goes, “right at your finger tips”.

Carry your Booty over your shoulder

What makes the Booty Boss “the BOSS” is its unique ability to be carried a variety of ways. Besides it’s truly un-fanny pack handsome good looks, the Booty Boss can be wrapped about your waist in front, sides, or back; unclipped and unwrapped and slung over your shoulder or across the chest; or remove the belt altogether and carry it by hand, like a “Clutch”.

Featuring two compartments inside, a zippered mesh pocket and a slip pocket you’ll quickly know why it’s called the Booty Boss.

Love List 6 Gift Guide Idea #3


Maximum Utility Travel Tote : Red Oxx Lead Bag Designer Lacy loves her Red Oxx totes. In fact all of the ladies in the herd at the Oxx love their totes; probably why we now have three sizes available and one giant glorious tote to out tote them all – the Maximum Utility Travel Tote, or M.U.T.T. for short. Even our CFO does the “Russian Matryoshka Doll” trick by carrying one tote inside another. Toting a tote within a tote. Does that make her a tote-talitarian?

Stay on time with everything you need carrying a M.U.T.T.

One happy husband said in a M.U.T.T. product review about his gift to his wife that the Maximum Utility Travel Tote was the “the Swiss Army knife of personal items”, another claimed it was the “Perfect bag for moms”.

So if mom doesn’t have a perfect tote bag yet, this is the bag to get her for Christmas.

Featuring ample room for everything under the sun, plenty of pockets to tuck those everythings into, a padded bottom for her laptop protection, and a zippered top to keep prying eyes and snooping hands out, this M.U.T.T. is not a dog, it’s a champ!

Love List 6 Gift Guide Idea #4


C.C. Rider Messenger Bag : How about, “If I could just walk with you, Everything would be alright”?* Over a decade in design development, the C.C. Rider Messenger Bag is a laptop companion that you’ll want to walk with forever.

Every aspect of the concept of the messenger bag was prototyped, studied, and brutally tested in harsh conditions around the world (yes that is an early version taken to Zimbabwe in 2010 below).

Early C.C. Rider watches spear making in action, Zimbabwe, Africa 2010

Red Oxx did not want to release this bag into the world until it was the best laptop messenger style briefcase on the planet.

What is the primary defining characteristic of a messenger bag? The flap. Lead Designer Lacy said this bag would not have a floppy flap. It would be padded, with the right amount of pockets, and be extra stylish. If someone on your gift list said to you, “This is the messenger bag I always wanted but could never find” would you not be convinced?

Love List 6 Gift Guide Idea #5


Ladybug Dual-sided Packing Cube :  And what kind of bug could this be? Why a Ladybug, of course. Created as a supplemental packing cube that complies with TSA’s liquids requirements for carry-on luggage

The Ladybug Dual-sided Packing Cube features two compartments with a clear vinyl lid on one side and a mesh lid on the other side. This allows you to carry liquids that might leak in the clear vinyl side and other belongings in the mesh side. Easily washable using a mild soap and warm water and hung up to dry, like any Red Oxx bag, simply sanitizing.

Ladybug meet Little Lady Baby Bug

Another great feature of the Ladybug cool cube is the carry handle is adjustable, long enough to slip around a car’s headrest.

Like all our gear, the Ladybug lives a life of many hats – makeup kit bag, toiletry kit, first aid bag, baby snacks bag, PPE essentials, whatever uses you can think of, the Ladybug will gobble it up.

Love List 6 Gift Guide Idea #6


The Hound EDC Bag : Howls of joy will heard through the halls of holly this Christmas when the herd opens their gifts and sees the return of The Hound! Feedback from early purchasers prompted our Lead Designer to take another look at the strap. The primary complaint was the strap was “noisy, with heavy over-sized hardware for an every day carry bag”.

Taking The Hound for a stroll in Graffiti Alley, Billings, Montana

Flipping into research mode, Lacy located a tough-as-nails nickle-plated stainless steel replacement clip for the famous heavy-duty Claw – the new clip being smaller, lighter, and quieter. Then she paired the new strap clip with a slightly wider, softer, smoother, (and better-looking) 1-inch wide webbing. Lastly, she replaced the plastic adjustment buckle with a stainless steel one. The Hound’s popularity as a Red Eye Collective prompted us to make it a main-line production bag, but with an improved strap.

The bag everyday dog walkers wanted to carry for their dog-about-town stuff – poopy bags, treats, a B.A.R.K. Leash, toys, tennis ball, etc.

Six Great Gift Ideas setting out to change the world. Well okay, at least change the world of your gift recipients. Thoughtful gifts that will last their lifetimes.

Best of all, they’ll think of you every time they use one.

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