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Gator EDC Mini Carry-on Proves its Mettle in Zambia

Red Oxx bags in Zambia

Thanks to Dave Lundin for sending us this photo of his Red Oxx gear on location in Zambia. Looks like another example of the Gator EDC bag proving its mettle.

Jim, Perry,
The bags from Red Oxx were beyond all expectations.

Our PH (Professional Safari Guide), Abie duPlooy was ecstatic to receive his. The commemorative Gators were a huge hit with my partner Bob Dawson (aka Fred C. Dobbs).

I believe the most useful, and the one I got the most compliments on, is the digital camera bag that slides on my belt. The camera is never “in the truck” when you need it. Right at your fingertips is where it needs to be. And thanks to your innovative design featuring the loops and the pocket, I never lost any film sticks for the camera!

– Thanks again, Dave Lundin. (aka Mr. Happy)
Billings, Montana, USA