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Forever Father’s Day – Favorite Gifts for Dad to Last a Lifetime

Forever Father's Day Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect gift for your "I already got everything" Father?

Dad’s Day Deal – Free ManCave Poster and Titanium "Combat Bead" all orders over $350.

Red Oxx CEO Jim Markel is a fan of Science Fiction. He commissioned Big Island Graphics for a series of out-of-this-world prints to commemorate our 35th Anniversary. His idea was to demonstrate surpassing the challenges Red Oxx has sustained and surmounted this past year.

By looking with hope and inspiration to the future using the Sci-Fi theme, Big Island presented four seriously cool prints. We thought they were cool enough to offer them for FREE for this Father’s Day. Check out the Dad’s Day Deals below the prints.

Red Oxx Sci-Fi Prints
Red Oxx 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Sci-Fi Prints

Purchase $350 worth of any Red Oxx gear for Dad and you’ll get your choice any one of the four Sci-Fi Fantasy Prints (16" x 24" in size, ready for framing) for your Dad to decorate his ManCave.

Included is a sweet Titanium "Combat Bead" Screwdriver Key Fob… but wait there’s more… add to this deal is the Limited Edition Red Oxx Glittering Woodcut Oxx Sticker (not available for purchase). An $85 value for FREE!

Red Oxx Glittering Woodcut Oxx Sticker
The Limited Edition Red Oxx Glittering Woodcut Oxx Sticker

On a tight budget? No worries. Any order $100 to $349 still gets their choice of any print and the sticker. You must use the promo code below.

USE PROMO CODE in checkout:
to score either deal!

Promotion ends Tuesday June 15th. Allow 21 days for delivery. And now onto some great ideas to capture these deals.

Father's Day Dawn of the Den Deal
Father’s Day Dawn of the Den Deal!


Since Dad’s probably been penned up for awhile, gorging on food and extending his belt notches this past year, no doubt he’s looking to get back into shape.

Now that most gyms are opening up, check out the cool Jim’s Gym Bag. It’s a mesh sports duffel created in recognition of our company founder, Jim Markel Senior. He was a hard-core weight lifter during his prime.

Case in point: when Jim Sr. was a Gunny Sarge in the Army, his arms were so big he could barely fit into his uniform. Can you imagine? Arms the size of your legs? From weight lifting?

When his son Jim Jr. brought out this bag and it made his Dad proud. Jim’s Gym Bag features a sleek round packing cube, a mesh main compartment in the middle, mesh side pocket, and twin end pockets (one end mesh).

Red Oxx Jim's Gym Bag
Jim’s Gym Bag will inspire Dad to get in shape for summer

For a limited time, this special edition Red Eye Collective duffel comes with the packing cube, a branded Nalgene water bottle, and a limited edition Red Eye Collective hat you can’t get any other way. Finished off in bold red stitching, Jim’s Gym Bag is just the ticket to inspire your Dad to get back in shape.


Red Oxx teamed up with famous belt maker Grip6 and now has two groovy belts available. The Grip6 Radial Belt features a unique radial engine design on it’s thin Aluminum buckle. The other option is our snorting OXX LOGO. Either belt can be adjusted to any size as they have no notches. All Grip6 belts are backed by their Guaran-damn-tee warranty – any time, any reason, any condition. So while Dad’s waist line is slimming up from working out he can wear his Grip6 Belt to keep his pants up.


Our ever popular Gator EDC Bag got similar updates as our laptop briefcases. A sleek expanding side pocket replaces the much maligned flat pocket. The Gator always was an ideal bag for every day carry, now it’s reached perfection.

Think a Market Tote Bag is just for women? Think again! Guys love it, too.

Too big? Try the Mezzo Tote, a shopping bag duly suited to carrying a 12 pack of canned beer, or a 6 pack bottles.

Red Oxx Forever Fathers Day
Red Oxx = Forever Father’s Day

If Dad is a craft beer connoisseur and is often seen hauling around a beer growler, check out the Mini Tote Bag. It’s the perfect size and price for safely, and discreetly, carrying a beer growler.

Said Lacy, our Lead Bag Designer, "I know my Tote bags keep getting stolen by guys for hauling tools, camping gear, booze! They are just great for everything."


On a bit of a budget this year? Understood, and no worries, the Red Oxx Lil Roy is another outstanding multi-use bag. It’s sized just right for hauling all those electronic gadgets such as batteries, chargers, and the cables needed to operate them.

Featuring two snap-closure mesh pockets on each side inside and a spacious main compartment. The "Lil" Roy comes in twelve vibrant colors from bright Saffron yellow to contemporary Black. You’re sure to find Dad’s favorite color.

Is Dad’s favorite Internet device a tablet? After months of testing, the Micro Manager everyday carry devices tote is ready to shield Dad’s tablet from dangerous drops. Fully padded all around the exterior. It’s even padded around the tablet slip pocket inside. The Micro Manager also organizes those pesky cables, batteries, chargers, mouse, and even a keyboard.


Red Oxx carries two great shave kits at two great price points. The ever popular Nomad Shave Kit has a long proven track record as a tough little toiletry kit that’s big on the inside.

Red Oxx Nomad Shave Kit Will Get You There
Red Oxx Nomad Shave Kit Will Get Dad There and Back

The Tri-fold Shave Kit has more features for more performance. Capable of hanging open from its clever hidden pop-out hanging strap. Your Father will love the big twin see-through mesh pockets. He can organize his hair-care products, tooth brushes, toothpaste, and shavers. He’ll appreciate the privacy pocket for those secretive things he wants to keep out of sight.


Not only did this cute little cinch sack feature a camo pattern with a story, the very name rings out "Montana". This popular "Possibles Pouch" was built with Tigerstripe Camo on the outside and then lined with your choice of five bright neon colors for the lining. Unfortunately the Mill stopped making that pattern fabric and the bag was discontinued. Instead, get Dad a Mini Tote and fill it up with all kinds of goodies, such as…

Keeping Dad’s furry face smelling fresh and looking sweet using Beard Mountain Yukon Beard Polish Wax. It’s not just about the beard, there’s his skin underneath. Every beard needs a healthy follicle to grow long and strong. Beard Mountain comes through the forest of hair with Wild Yukon Beard Oil Potion.

Great Zeus, your beard is magnificent
Help Dad looking handsome and stylish

Perhaps Dad is more of a moustache kinda guy. Not to worry, if his moustache acts up, Wild Yukon Moustache Tranquilizer Wax is here to tame it. Available in a super convenient lip balm size.

The herd at Red Oxx loves to test out quality travel accessories. Thorough testing by the herd backs Seki Edge Grooming Instruments – they come highly recommended.

Crafted in Japan from "samurai steel" you can artfully trim your beard or ‘stache, perfectly snip those crusty toenails, straighten out his fingernails. Take control and trim those unsightly nostril hairs.

No travel toiletry kit is complete without Seki Edge Grooming Instruments.


Another popular gift idea for Dad here at Red Oxx is our famous Nylon Tri-fold Rigger Wallet. Dad will now have a wallet that will not only last forever, but look great in a splash of any one of twelve vibrant colors.

Red Oxx Rigger Wallet Won’t Crack or Rot or Sweat Like Leather Does


The Red Oxx design team took a look at our laptop bags and made some crucial updates. The famous "million mile Metro" and CPA Laptop Briefcases now feature a padded hanging laptop sleeve. Plus a reorganized interior with more, and more useful, pockets.

Outside of the bags, both the Metro and it’s bigger brother the CPA laptop briefcase also got the new trolley sleeve pass-through pocket. This ingenious design allows Dad to carry his bag on top of… gasp, a rollaboard.

Best of all, Red Oxx finally released our version of the vaunted messenger bag. Introducing the C.C. Rider Laptop Messenger Bag, a culmination of thousands of miles of travel on three continents and a decade of refinements. The C.C. Rider doesn’t just have a cool name, a cool style, it’s also perfectly efficient – something Dad’s every day appreciate.

Red Oxx C.C. Rider Messenger Bag
On the Job or Off, C.C. Rider Hauls Dad’s Goods