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Everyday Carry Essentials – What You Need in Your EDC Kit

EDC Kit Essentials

Red Oxx has the everyday carry bag and essentials category covered. Nearly every conceivable bag option for EDC carry is offered, from full size rucksacks, to a variety of totes, including a rocking zippered top super tote, to versatile daily use bags with multiple carry options like our Booty Boss Waist Pack… or is it shoulder sling carry, cross body, a clutch? – You decide.

Red Oxx even builds a group of everyday carry laptop bags, some that can even bring along your overnight clothing.

If you want to get into greater detail about Red Oxx everyday carry bags, and which ones will work best for you, read up in What is an EDC Bag and Why You Need One.

So now that you’ve got your everyday carry bag, you need to fil ‘er up with daily-use items. Read on to prepare your everyday carry items list.

Loading Your Everyday Carry Bag Kit

Since we use a lot of our bags in the everyday carry capacity, it’s reasonable to assume that many items in our Travel Essentials category can be used to outfit your EDC Kit. Frankly, you’d be right.

Let’s start with PPE – personal protection equipment.

Cleanup in Aisle O’ Hands

Dr. Bronner’s Hand Sanitizer: at last an organic-based hand sanitizer in an easily carried spray bottle option with a pleasant lavender scent. This hand sanitizer is gentle on the skin, and available in a convenient two ounce size.

Next up is the Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap in a travel bottle size, available in two lovely scents of almond and citrus. Now you’ve got your hygiene covered for your EDC kit.

So you’ve washed your hands, how do you dry them? Pick up any one of four sizes of PackTowl Travel Towels and you can dry off hands, feet, and body as needed. Packtowls are reusable, simply rinse, squeeze, and hang up to dry.

EDC Personal Grooming Necessities

Ever been out and about and suddenly you tear a finger nail? Where’s that fingernail clipper when you need it? Tuck the best made nail clipper on the market from Seki Edge into your EDC kit and you’ll not have to worry about that torn nail catching on something and really getting ugly.

Might as well stock up on a Seki Edge Tweezers as well. This high-performance tweezers have a hand-sharpened angled edge to get in there and pull out those nasty splinters.

While Red Oxx doesn’t sell knives, we do offer a rock solid pair of ever-sharp scissors, also from grand master groomers Seki Edge. In some cases a scissors can do many things a knife can, and a few other things, all while being a bit safer to use.

A good sharp scissors can cut cloth, bandages, even slice up meat and veggies, as well as become a stabbing weapon if needed. Seki Edge Scissors have a unique serrated blade that "holds-on" to slippery things while doing your cutting. All Seki Edge grooming instruments feature a lifetime warranty from Seki — can you say that about store brands?

Kisser Protection

Red Oxx teamed up with the hard-core athletes at Badwater® Marathon and came out with the Badwater® Lip Balm, available in three delicious flavors, including our delectable Red Oxx exclusive Montana Huckleberry. Few things more annoying than cracked, sun-burnt lips. Get that SPF-15 protection you need, when you need it.

Writer’s Block Unblocked

There are times when you need to make a note, like writing down some directions, or you need to make a shopping list, perhaps write down a poem or jingle or rhyme that comes to mind. Maybe you just need to whip up a cute love note or maybe an apology or reminder. Capture a brilliant idea as a sketch? Nothing beats the authenticity of a hand-written note and nothing beats a Rite in the Rain Memo Notebook for jotting that vision down. Fully waterproof and oil resistant, these rad notebooks are like nothing else. Only 4-5/8" wide x 7-1/4" tall, it’s the ideal size to fit in your EDC Bag slip pocket.

Everyday Nap Time

Sometimes you need a nap for a bit of recharge, no matter your location or time of day. What better way to outfit your EDC kit with a Mack’s Dreamweaver Eye Mask and Earplug kit? Awake refreshed and ready to cap off your day.

I Can See Clearly Now, the Fog is Gone

There are times you need to see in the dark, and do it hands free. Toss the Petzl e+LITE Mini Headlamp in your favorite EDC bag and you’ve got one of the smallest, and brightest headlamps you can buy. Bonus that these cool portable mini-headlamps are made in France with an easily replaceable common CR 2032 button battery.

Another item that while not being something to consider to put in your kit, you can attach them to your zippers on your favorite EDC Bag and increase the safety of you and your bag by being seen in the dark. What could this handy item be? Why our Reflective Monkey Fist Zip Knots, of course. Choose from six bright colors, each available in 6-packs. Each Monkey Fist is hand-tied through our Fair Trade Cooperative in Guatemala.

Eyeglasses wearers need to see clearly, and that means not using your shirt tail to clean your glasses! Instead, protect your vision investment and use a Spudz Microfiber Cleaning Cloth that snaps onto your key ring in your EDC Kit. The cleaning cloth tucks neatly into the neoprene pocket and never gets lost.

Speaking of keys…

No More Lost Keys

Attach a Pin Mount Key Clip to the inside lining of any Red Oxx Everyday Carry Bag any where you want it. Don’t like where you put it? Unscrew it and move to another place. The location versatility beats any sewn-in key ring.

Organize Your Meds and Supplements

If you’ve got meds or loose liquids that need corralling or organizing, the Nalgene Travel Bottles Kit has several miniature bottles and liquid-sealed containers to pack in your EDC kit.

A good portable bag for packing these types of important sundry items is our Ladybug Dual-Sided Packing Cube. One side has a clear vinyl lid, the other side is a mesh lid, plus it includes an adjustable hanging handle.

Might be a good idea to slap some of your medical information on a Red Oxx Customized Personal Dog Tag – like your blood type, allergies, etc. and attach that tag to your EDC Bag with a simple Red Oxx Twist-on Cable Lock.

Drink Up — You’re Mostly Water, Stay That Way

Of course the experts have been telling us to stay hydrated all day long so it’s a good idea to include a water bottle. Red Oxx carries the king of water bottles, also made in the U.S.A. – the Nalgene Wide Mouth "Everyday Series", available in four handy sizes and configurations.

New to our lineup is the cool Multidrink Red Oxx Woodcut Oxx Water Bottle, fitted with a unique locking mouthpiece and stenciled with the cool Red Oxx "Woodcut" Bull Logo.

A Bag Within A Bag

Might sound excessive on the surface but when you see how compact you can fold down the Red Oxx Laundro Bag Mesh Wash Sack, it’s a good likely-hood the idea of stuffing a bag inside your EDC Kit is a fabulous idea. You can use this particular compact lightweight bag unfolded to haul groceries, store your layered or wet clothing, carry a hat or gloves or flip flops, or just have on hand as that "extra bag" when you need it. The Laundro Bag folds down to a compact pocket size roughly 6.5″ Long x 5.5″ Wide x 2.5″ Deep. Brilliant!

Now load up your everyday carry bag with all these essential kit items and you’ll all be set to go and keep right on going.