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Duffel Bags Make Travel to Cloud Forest a Breeze

denise kampf's Red Oxx Collection

"Everywhere We Went, People Wanted to Know how they Could Get a Bag Like Ours"

Red Oxx co-owner Jim Markel apparently isn’t the first to take Red Oxx’s adventure travel luggage into Costa Rican jungles. Adventurer Denise Kampf and her family beat us to it. Here’s their story.

Dear Red Oxx,
Here are 3 photos for my Journal. All three were taken at the Drake Bay Airport, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. (Yes, that is indeed the terminal at Drake Bay.)

After touring and hiking the volcano and Cloud Forest country up north, we flew down to the remote Drake Bay landing strip/airport. Then we sailed an hour down the coast to Bahia Paraiso, where we based out of while hiking the most bio diverse place on the planet (according to National Geographic),