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Carry-on Camping – Is Red Oxx Gear Tough Enough for Mother Nature?

Red Oxx Gear Gets You There and Back

Red Oxx Gear Gets You There and Back

While most people use their Red Oxx gear for contemporary travel, both carry-on and checked, on airlines, buses and even road trips, CEO Jim Markel is fond of heading outdoors and sleeping under the stars. So with that in mind, he’s made certain through years extensive testing in the field that our gear is camping tough — tough enough for anything Mother Nature can throw at it.

Numerous photo safari’s and overlanding trips have confirmed that a number of Red Oxx bags are ideal for just about any camping situation. In addition to outfitting your camping gear with Red Oxx bags Jim and the herd have tested and approved of a number of outstanding travel accessories (hereby deemed travel "necessities") that are also tough enough to reside within a Red Oxx bag while engaged in an outdoor adventure.

Best Bags and Gear for a Weekend Camp-out

Containing your camping gear, keeping it organized, and available at hand was a bit of problem until now. With the introduction of the Big Bull Roll-up you can jam nearly all your camping gear into one bag, roll it up to fit in the trunk and whip it out, unroll it, and hang it on the nearest tree branch. Talk about handy! Stuff your cooking gear in the smaller pockets and your extra blankets, tent covers, jackets and what not into the larger pockets and everything is right where you can see it through the see-through mesh pockets. Since this wonderful bag is also carry-on legal you could even fly somewhere and camp out with your sleeping bag stuffed in a Small Aviator as "personal item". Super heavy-duty ballistic nylon exterior and double stitched seams means the Big Bull snorts at tough camping conditions.

Keep those toiletry items organized and at hand so you’re refreshed when you clean up with a Tri-fold Shave Kit. This handy little toiletry kit unfolds and hangs up so you can access (and see through) the interior mesh pockets. Some campers have even found it a nice storage for camp cooking and meal prep utensils. Same tough heavy-duty zippers, same attention to detail stitching as all our bags means this superior toiletry kit might end up going everywhere with you, forever.

So you like to “stay in touch” with the grid while pretending to be "off-grid"? No worries, our Lil Roy has all the room you need for jamming cables and chargers into its twin snap mesh interior pockets. Or just stuff it with survival essentials, like bug repellent or first aid kit. Either way, if you have more than one, you can organize your camping smaller items by color.

Speaking of organizing camping gear by color, our line of packing cubes can’t be beat. Designed in five handy sizes and shapes and finished bright neon colors, these packing cubes feature mesh covers so you can see your shirts, socks, pants and so forth.

While all our bags are classified as “water resistant” it’s seldom heard anyone complaining their belongings got soaked in a sudden squall. If that’s strikes you as an issue of concern, Red Oxx endorses sealed "water-proof" SealLine Drybags to ease your water worries. If you’re really concerned about moisture, we recommend Scotchgard Water Shield, sold in a convenient travel size; all Red Oxx bags can be coated with this fantastic fabric protection spray and your bag warranty will still be "No Bull".

No matter where you go while camping your clothes will get dirty. Toss your dirty (or wet) clothes in the pocket friendly Laundro bag and you’ll be able to keep your stinky body drapes separate from your dry belongings until they fume out and dry out. Then wash them clean with a little Dr. Bronner’s travel soaps, available in four lovely mildly scented mini bottles.

If you do get wet, dry off with a compact PackTowl, an amazing towel that will hold many times its weight in water and can be wrung dry by hand hundreds of times. Choose from four useful sizes; from hand towel to body towel.

You’d be amazing at how treasured a Red Oxx Travel Tray will become once you’ve used one in a tent or RV. Now you’ve got a reliable and safe place to stash those all important items like keys, phone or eye glasses and you’ll always know where there are when you wake up from that hard partying night around the campfire. Pick a bright color and you’ll not miss it among the pile of drab camping gear stashed in your tent corner.

Best Gear for a Day Hike

Light day hikers and amateur backpackers will appreciate the versatility of our famous Rucksacks. Available in four sizes, from narrow shouldered Mini Ruck to our monster Rail Runner Rucksack, a Red Oxx Rucksack utilizes that tried and true ages-old top loading classic knapsack design, complete with extension collar, and the usual Red Oxx bells and whistles like Mil-spec hardware all round, twin raised side pockets (perfect size for a big bottle of water, soda or wine), a raised front pocket to stuff things you might need like headlamps, clotheslines or fire-starters.

Top loading Rucksacks not your style? Double down and pick out a colorful Kat Pack Backpack, its capacity will amaze you and the utilitarian 3/4 wrap around zip down heavy-duty zippers allow easy access to that suddenly much needed light jacket you jammed near the bottom.

Best Bags and Gear for a Remote "Wilderness" Camping, Overland, or Safari Adventure

Many times safaris require your squeezing into a puddle jumper and hopping over the hills to a remote location in the wilderness. For this case, the Safari and Expedition travel series bags are ideal choices as they are flexible to fit into a cramped cargo hold in a small aircraft or be tossed into the back of a four wheel drive vehicle.

Be warned that pilots of these smaller aircraft can be picky about the bags that go into their cargo holds. Hard sided bags and bags with wheels are frequently frowned upon and if you don’t have a garbage bag handy you might find your clothes left behind on the runway! This is why safari tour guides recommend using soft-sided bags. Luckily our Safari Beanos PR-4 and PR-5 duffels also have the distinct advantage of being carry-on legal.

The up-sized Safari Beanos PR-5.5 and PR-6 are popular among safari adventurers as shoulder-carry checked "cargo" bags, with their large main top access compartment and twin end compartments. If you really have a big haul on your hands check out the Tres Hombres, the Sherpa Jr. or the Big Oxx, thus named because it’s the largest cargo outfitter bag in the Expedition lineup. All three contain the brilliant, and often copied, stow-away retractable shoulder straps.

In fact, the entire Expedition line was originally developed by world famous mountain climber Dr. Jean Ellis and refined from years of African Safaris by Red Oxx owners Jim and Perry.

Should you happen to be headed somewhere you might be snorkeling, the Sun Chaser (also carry-on legal) and its big brother the Flying Boxcar have long primary compartments that will easily contain your SCUBA gear and nifty side pockets for smaller items like goggles. Both bags offer the padded bottom protection for those who love to photograph wildlife using long telephoto lenses. Count on the ballistic bottoms of these brutes to stand up to rough handling in any environment. These two top access duffel style bags are super popular among the hard-core overlanding crowd.

Now You Know You Can "Carry On" Camping with Red Oxx!

When you’re out in the field, whether it’s a mile from home or 100 miles from civilization, you can count on Red Oxx gear to get you through whatever Mother Nature can throw at you. Our gear is time tested tough and tried and true. The Red Oxx herd believes in our gear and they use it every day. So is Red Oxx tough enough for Mother Nature? If we didn’t think so it wouldn’t be backed by our no questions asked, "No Bull" Lifetime Warranty that is hands down, the absolute best in the bag business!

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