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C-Ruck Rucksack Agelessly Travels 22 Countries in 10 Years

Red Oxx C-Ruck Rucksack Travels 22 Countries

Talking C-Ruck has rights to brag

Marla Solander returns with another great story from the other side of the world with her talking Rucksack "C-Ruck". C-Ruck speaks of how time and distance have been impervious to it’s appearance. How’s that possible? Let C-Ruck speak for itself…

Pretty as the day I was born

I’m nearly a decade old, having completed travel in twenty-two different countries and I still don’t look a day older than when I was born in Montana! Seriously, I still look brand new: there is no sign of fraying of my textile material, my seams are still tightly stitched together, and my heavy-duty zippers have never jammed or failed. My brilliantly designed shoulder straps still offer comfortable weight distribution, even when loaded with several pieces of pottery souvenirs.

One and only one-bag travel

The best part is still how amazing it is to travel the world in the ever shrinking personal space of the airlines with just one legal size carry-on.

I remain ever faithful to my Maker’s motto: "Buy it once, buy it for life".

With continued gratitude to Red Oxx.
Sincerely, C-Ruck

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