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C-Ruck Rucksack Organizes Medical Equipment

C-ruck makes for a great pillow.

How to Live Out of a Rucksack

Chris Barfield sent us a wonderful review of the C-Ruck. We were so impressed we asked if he could write up an Adventure Journal for us. Here’s his take on using his C-Ruck in the third world and how it’s much more than just a bag.

As an interpreter on a medical missions team, I travel deep into the jungles of Panama to assist doctors in their treating patients in remote areas. I often get there by plane, bus, dugout canoe or my old pair of boots. Due to the amount of equipment and medicine that we need to get to the people, we have very little luggage allowance left. So, we have to make our allowance count.

By carrying my C-Ruck, I’m able to keep my hands free and have zero worries about my gear. I’ve packed it for three weeks’ worth of extended duty. My Nomad Kit when fit inside, holds all the underwear and socks needed along with a t-shirt or two. It really helps the organization of things when using the top-loader.

My C-Ruck has fit on all planes as my carry-on and has allowed me to travel without fear of losing any of my gear–very important when in remote locations where gear can’t be replaced. I could literally live out of this pack indefinitely. It’s awesome. It has been my constant companion, serving as pillow, seat, footrest, and ersatz umbrella.

After a week with no shower and make-shift jungle food, nothing beats a churrasco at Lenos y Carbon, in Panama City!

Thanks Red Oxx, Chris Barfield

It’s awesome that Chris has discovered the ease of carry-on travel. A properly packed rucksack can be all the bag you need when navigating the jungles of Central America. For publishing his Adventure Journal, Chris gets his choice of a Market Tote or Rigger Wallet. Why not submit your story today?