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Boxcar Bags and Beer Battered Walleye

Red Oxx Flying Boxcar goes fishing

Sun Chaser – The Camera Bag That Gets The Job Done.

Here at Red Oxx, our philosophy is a travel bag should serve more than one purpose. The idea is you should be able to use your bag for anything you can think of. Our Sun Chaser Camera Bag does more than carry your camera gear, as Ebbe Rasch can attest…

Dear Jim,
Fortunately my work involves traveling quite a lot, so I always carry at least two Contax cameras with me wherever I go. Over the years I’ve never managed to find the "perfect" camera bag. I need one bag to carry the cameras, my tripod and film. There also has to be room for a windbreaker, a book and a bottle of water. Most importantly, I want a camera bag that doesn’t scream: "Looky here! This is a camera bag with lots of expensive gear in it!"

Sunchaser camera bag travels to Greenland. Sun Chaser camera bag travels to Greenland.
Sun Chaser camera bag travels to Greenland.

Railroading 5 days of hunting & fishing gear? No problemo!

Receiving a gift of a Red Oxx Flying Boxcar Sports Duffel is like having your fishing guide make you beer battered walleye for breakfast in bed. Lucky Bob Meier can nearly brag about both. Let’s check in!

Hey Jim,
Last year I received the Flying Boxcar Duffel Bag as a gift. I can tell you I’ve been extremely impressed with the amount of hunting or fishing gear I can easily pack into it. From deer hunting camp in the fall to my annual fly fishing trip, this "Expedition" Bag it does it all. Can you believe that this spring I packed five days worth of fishing gear plus get my rain gear into it?

This is one rugged travel bag! All aspects of the Boxcar show the high degree of craftsmanship you put into your gear.

I used it to travel to Trout Lake in Northwest Ontario for a fantastic fishing trip. We chartered a Cessna Beaver Float plane from Rusty Meyers Flying Service in Fort Frances Ontario. Those boys know how to guide. Except that I almost lost my Boxcar Bag to the pilot after got his hands on it and saw first-hand the quality.

The best part of that fishing trip was eating our guides home made beer battered walleye. I can’t wait to get another Red Oxx travel bag. I just need an excuse to buy one! Maybe I need to plan another hunting trip?

Bob Meier

Alright Bob! Man are we always glad to hear about our bags going the distance. That’s the whole point of our design philosophy. One Bag, one memorable trip. Anything else is just, well… extra baggage? Cheers, Jim Markel CEOr I ordered an Air Boss Carry-on Bag. I was happy with the quality so I decided to test if the Sun Chaser would be the camera bag for me. So this last April I ordered the Sun Chaser Gadget Bag. Jim, I’m so happy, it fits the bill perfectly. I appreciate the fact it has plenty of room for all my gear. The big front pockets are a super bonus — great for storing tickets, PDA, phone, mp3 player, keys and all the little things you need to have handy.

The Sun Chaser has already traveled many thousands of miles with me. Here are a few pictures from a recent trip to Greenland. There’s also one from the little airport in Kangerlussuaq, and another for the Artic research station Summit Camp on the top of the ice sheet.

Thanks for a great multi-purpose bag. Keep up the good work!

Ebbe Rasch

How cool to see our little Sun Chaser chasing rays up there on top of the world. Ebbe, we’re stoked you’ve nailed our philosophy of the multiple use travel bag. Not just for clothes, or cameras, but for gadgets of all kinds. Cheers, Jim Markel CEO