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Billings Montana Outdoor Events Space Available – Red Oxx Events Lawn

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Book your event at the latest and greatest new outdoor event space in Billings, Montana.

Are you ready to make some memories? Red Oxx spent two years developing the former empty gravel lot next to our Factory Outlet store. Now it’s a unique and beautiful splash of natural greenery in the heart of the northside’s downtown landscape of concrete and pavement.

Now that the Event Lawn has been tested and accepted during OxxFest 5, the herd is renting the lot for just about any outdoor occasion.

Think: weddings, concerts, family reunions, plein-air painting events, petting zoos, car shows, farmers markets, flea markets, art shows, yoga and tai-chi classes, dog shows, BBQs. Plan any outdoor event when you need a sunny, and shady, central location here in Billings.

The Red Oxx Events Lawn features nearly 10,000 square feet of lawn space, landscape beds, a gravel path from one end to the other, a blockrock retaining wall to keep riffraff out, a raised central stage, shaded structures with water and electricity. All this scattered among a lovely plush green amphitheater-styled lawn shaded by dozens of trees.

Below are some quick FAQs for you to peruse to learn more about it.


Q: What is the lot size?
A: 95 feet by 105 feet for nearly ten thousand square feet of mostly open landscape.

Q: Is there electricity available, such as for stage lights, sound systems, and portable generators?
A: Power is available with 400 amp service running three grounded outlets featuring six plug-ins total. These are located down behind the gabion wall, and next to the natural amphitheater stage area.

Q: What about rest rooms?
A: Red Oxx recommends renting portable toilets from Cotter’s Squatters, BCS, Eur-A-Peein, etc.. We are working to build on-site bathroom wash house.

Q Speaking of bathrooms, is there a hand sanitizer station?
A: Absolutely, the providers of the portable toilets are required to include a hand sanitizing station.

Q: Do you have access to trash for waste removal?
A: The city of Billings supplies large trash receptacles located in the alley out back. There are also trash dumpsters owned by Red Oxx located behind the store. Red Oxx may be able to supply trash cans from the factory for smaller events upon request – vendors are responsible for emptying them!

Q: My event takes place in the evening. Is there lighting available?
A: Currently, there is none supplied by Red Oxx. Again, this may become an on-site feature in the future. As stated, outdoor electrical plug-ins are available.

Q: We’re planning a nice wedding and don’t want any crazy wedding crashers. Can Red Oxx provide Security?
A: Red Oxx recommends renting security from Sundown Security to watch the lot.

Q: What is the parking situation like?
A: There’s a large gravel lot across from our Factory located about a block away on 2nd Ave N.. There are also eight spots for handicap or band parking in front of our retail store. Event attendees can also park along 4th Avenue. 13th and 14th streets also have on-street parking. NOTE: Do not park in the paved space located to the north behind our factory. That’s private property and you may get towed at your expense!

Q: Some of our patrons are in wheelchairs, have baby strollers, or use walkers. How do you plan to take care of them?
A: As mentioned, there is disability access parking in front of our store. During Oxx Fest 5 we discovered the brick rubble pathways through the lot were challenging to navigate for attendees in wheelchairs and strollers. Red Oxx plans to prioritize fixing this for more easy and smooth access in accordance to ADA regulations.

Q: What is the distance from Billing Heights Airport?
A: The Red Oxx Outdoor Events Lawn is 3.5 miles. On average, this takes about a seven minutes to drive. The Events Lawn is located down the hill in the heart of the Billings Urban Revival District.

Q: How far from a local Bus Stop?
A: The City Bus Stop is located on the corner of 13th St N. and 4th Ave N.. This supplies the Jefferson Bus Lines which departs a mere 0.6 miles distant – that’s just two minutes away.

Q: We’re planning on driving to a concert featured at your Event Lawn accessing from I-90. How far is it from Highway access?
A: Red Oxx can be accessed from I-90 from two locations. Both the North Exit 452 and the South Exit 450 about the same distance from I-90. This is about four miles, or a nine minute drive in mild traffic. You can check out a driving map here.

Q: We prefer shade, especially under the hot blazing Billings’ sun.
A: Red Oxx has you covered. We planted 22 beautiful trees throughout the lawn space, mostly around the west and north perimeters. We are planning to plant another dozen or so fruit trees.

Q: I’ve got a truckload of concert equipment. Can I access the lot with my truck and trailer?
A: There is an alley access and load area for the sound engineer located in behind the lawn. This is blocked by our security gate which will open to vendors. Performers can load directly on 13th St. by the stage gate.

Q: I’m planning a big shindig. Everyone will be seated. What is your seating capacity?
A: The lawn can accommodate about 500 chairs. You will have to rent, set up and take down the chairs yourself.

Q: What about standing room for concerts?
A: Standing capacity is up to 600 attendees.

Q: Do you provide fire protection or an alarm?
A: Currently the city of Billings does not require fire protection for an outdoor event.

Q: What if something goes wrong or there’s some criminal activity at our event? Do you have any closed circuit security cameras?
A: Currently only the entrances to our store are covered by security cameras and a state-of-the-art alarm system.

Q: What if the weather turns bad during my event?
A: Weather protection is not available from Red Oxx at this point. There is talk about possibly making sail shades, like we have for our outdoor employee break area at the factory. We recommend renting portable tent structures for weather protection.

Q: Is the event lawn covered by insurance?
A: Of course, Red Oxx only carries the best insurance policy for use of this outdoor entertainment space. Happy to email you our insurance policy coverage.

Q: Our event is planning a large meal. Is there kitchen access?
A: While there is no kitchen access to the public directly on site, there is a wood-fired outdoor oven on location, operated by Chef Mike Cotta. The wood-fired pizzas and desert pies he cooks are fabulous! You can contact Mike at 406-633-0655 to make arrangements for your event. Highly recommended! A BBQ and smoker are coming soon.

Q: Wow, all that sounds great. I’m interested. Can you tell me what is your pricing structure?
A: Red Oxx is currently working with Better To Gather, they specializes in weddings. For concert promotions, Red Oxx teamed with Pub Station, our local music promoters. You can view upcoming concerts and access links for tickets and band information at our Events Lawn Show Schedule page.

You can find more information about our partners in concert, the Pub Station Here. Interested in booking a show? Email Eric (at)

Have some other event in mind? Call us today at 1-888-733-6999 to book your outdoor event. You may also schedule to get a personal tour of the new Red Oxx Events Lawn.

Hope to hear from you!
Jim Markel, CEO

Red Oxx Events Lawn is available for your event
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