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Air Boss Suitcase Provides for Medical Mission to Peru

Marvin Dunbar and Don Keeling pose with their trusty Air Boss Bags

Air Boss as Medical Bag? Why not!

Marvin Dunbar and son in law set off on a medical mission to the jungles of Peru. This was strictly a “carry on only” mission of good will. How did these two honorable men, each armed with only their own Air Boss Bags, manage such a feat?

My son-in-law, Don Keeling, and I participated in a medical mission trip to the Amazon jungle of Peru. We had to carry all we needed including food, medications, supplies, camping equipment, etc with us. Room for personal items, including clothing was very limited. The Air Boss provided all the space we needed for our personal items and was the perfect size for a carry-on bag. This allowed us to pack footlockers for everything else.

With strict limits on checked bags, this extra space was well used for the other supplies.

We traveled by air to