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Air Boss Suitcase Proves Par for the Course in Scotland

Braving Winter Weather While Golfing

This anonymous traveler waited a lifetime to tour Scotland’s golf courses. The Air Boss proved worthy while packed to the brim, fitting perfectly in the airplane overheads. Let’s find out where to go golfing in Scotland with our winter weather traveler.

I took a 15 day trip to Scotland for Winter golf. Expecting plenty of wet weather, I packed a pair of size 12 golf shoes in the center of my bag (I stuffed 6 pairs of socks into the shoes) and there was room for my shaving kit and other accessories. I was able to fit an over-sized road atlas of Great Britain (6 inches to the mile) as well as City maps of Edinburgh and Glasgow, a book for the plane, and all of my course booking papers into the side zippered compartment.

I took 20 pairs of socks, five sets of quick-dry underwear, two sweaters, a sleeveless sweater vest, six long sleeve golf shirts and three pairs of pants; one of which was flannel lined. I also had another pair of golf shoes in my golf bag to allow 1 pair to dry out as I played 10 rounds of golf. I played in rain, hail, and high winds but had enough clothes to spare. On the trip home I stuffed an additional windbreaker and 2 cashmere scarves for presents as well as 7 souvenir golf balls from the courses that I played.

The Air Boss easily fit into the overhead luggage compartment. I noticed a lot of people were admiring the Air Boss in both airports – I even noticed that it caught the attention of the airline stewardesses. One feature that I absolutely appreciate is how fine the zippers work; the bag is easily closed no matter how much the bag is packed out.

I had to check my golf clubs but having my passport, papers, and personal items on board with me was very comforting. There was no problem taking it on board despite how stuffed it was.

I trained to the airport with a 60 pound professional-sized golf bag and the Air Boss which probably weighed in at about 50 pounds. Being able to shift the bag from the shoulder strap to the hand strap was very helpful.

I rented a car and traveled as far north in the highlands as Dornoch and as far south as Campbelltown in Kintyre. I had the Air Boss on the passenger’s seat and it served as a table for my road atlas which I often stopped to refer to. I played the Old Course at St Andrews, Muirfield, Machrihanish, Nairn, North Berwick, Gullane #1, and Royal Dornoch. The members at the clubs invited me to play with them and even invited me into the clubhouse for coffee and whiskeys. The people I met everywhere in Scotland couldn’t have been nicer to me. I even got to see a rugby match in Edinburgh-Scotland vs. South Africa.

This was a trip I waited almost a lifetime to take. Not a bad 2 weeks for someone 61 years old. As I told people, I put my two kids through college and all the tuition loans are now paid off and now it is my turn to travel. The Air Boss was remarkable and I cannot recommend it enough. Another great thing I appreciate is the label showing that it is made in Montana.

One last note:

My daughter is a comic artist and when I showed her the bag her eyes lit up. She will be borrowing the bag to help carry her books to seven shows throughout the USA in 2009. We may have to buy another bag for her. When my son comes back from Hawaii and sees the bag he will probably steal it out from under the two of us. I predict this bag will see quite a few places on this earth.

Thank all of your people who make a wonderful travel bag.

Hmm, Golfing in Scotland, in the winter no less? Does this traveler have a braveheart? We think so. Thanks for sharing your Adventure Journal. Be sure to tell your daughter to post her own story about the Air Boss ’cause we love “comic” adventures!
~Cheers, Jim Markel, CEO