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Air Boss Poses as Beach Bum and Makeshift Cooler‽

Air Boss as beach bum

While we like to think of our popular Air Boss as a business travel carry-on bag, our ingenious customers have found other uses for the Boss. Take for example this Adventure Journal from Phil Hilbink. He relates to us about using the Air Boss as a beach bag. Well, if it involves any kind of surfing or boogie boarding, sign us up!

On a recent trip to San Diego, my wife and I found ourselves with an extra day and decided to hit Mission Beach for some surfing and boogie boarding.

We didn’t have a beach tote with us, but no worries – I had my Air Boss. I emptied it out and we packed it with towels, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and books.

In a fit of inspiration, we lined one of the side pockets with plastic valet bags from the hotel room, added ice and beer, and created a makeshift cooler.

One of the best beach days ever.

Red Oxx products can take anything!

Thanks for the tips on interesting uses for our Air Boss. For submitting and publishing his Adventure Journal, Phil gets his choice of a great "beach bag" – our Market Tote or a "surfer wallet" – our Rigger Wallet. What’s your story?