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Air Boss and Market Tote – Perfect Carry-on Luggage Pair

Discovering the Value of Quality Luggage.

Like many consumers, Cindy and her husband are price sensitive shoppers. But as we all know, a cheap price can come with cheap construction which leads to a cheapened “experience.” Nobody wants the embarrassment of their underwear spilling out of their “cheap luggage” during an airport rush to the next terminal.

Cindy now has a great appreciation for “quality,” what it means and how it affects our lives. This is probably the most overused and ill-conceived word in marketing. Cindy also embraced the ability to fly free without the burden of checked luggage. Let’s hear in her own words what she really thought of Red Oxx Travel Gear and what “quality” means to her.
Dear Jim,

I rarely comment on products I have purchased, but I now realize I have never bought truly great quality products before.

My husband and I, along with my parents, had been planning on taking a trip to Mexico over Christmas. After going through a travel agent to try and find reasonably priced tickets, we found out that our airline layover on our return flight was around 40 minutes (this included time to pass through customs and go through security again). With this in mind, I decided that we should only take carry-on bags for our 9-day stay in Mexico, it was far too risky not making our return flight on account of going through customs, collecting our bags at baggage claim, having agents go through checked luggage, re-checking luggage, going through security and arriving at our gate.

After extensive online research, I found that the Red Oxx bags were the best quality and design for what we needed. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that these bags were made in Montana. I grew up in Billings and never even knew Red Oxx existed! My decision was made; good quality gear and our supporting the local economy.

I received the two Air Boss bags, the Market Tote, and the Travel Tray the day after I placed my order, which was a nice surprise. Usually, the remoteness of Fort Peck lends itself to longer shipping times and increased shipping costs. I opened the box and immediately questioned my ability to pack clothes, snorkel gear, and toiletries in the compact Air Boss.

After following the One Bag recommendations for packing I even had room to spare. My husband’s jaw about hit the floor when I showed him how easily all of my stuff fit into the bag. He’s been with me on shorter trips where I had two checked bags and 1 carry-on bag. I love the three main compartments and the Claw Strap clung to my shoulder for dear life even while I was running through the airport.

Before my carry-on research I had never even heard of Red Oxx bags, then when I arrived at the Billings Airport there were other people with Red Oxx gear too. I was surprised…it felt like we were members of some elite club or something.

Christmas in Cancun - undersea
Christmas in Cancun – undersea

Our bags were able to fit underneath the seats in front of us or in the overhead compartments of the airplane, it was great!!! I’ll admit I felt omnipotent when upon arriving in Mexico we didn’t have to wait at baggage claim wondering if the luggage gremlins had mangled or misplaced our bags.

I used the Market Tote as my second smaller carry-on bag. It was perfect for my wallet, books and headphones on the plane. In Mexico I used it to carry all of my goods from the local market back to the hotel and to tote around my gear for the beach. I love how durable and well-balanced it is, even with a heavy load.

Christmas in Cancun - sunset
Christmas in Cancun – sunset

My parents were in disbelief with how durable and compact the Red Oxx bags are. I know I’ve converted them to Red Oxx owners and you should be receiving an order or a visit from them soon.

Thank you so much for sharing these amazing travel products with us. We look forward to many happy years with our luggage.

Happy Holidays,

Cindy Lott
Fort Peck, Montana

After being literally forced by the Marines to understand quality meant staying alive, we’ve passed that philosophy onto our products. We’re glad you know quality can improve your life and as a former Rigger, extend your life, too! Stop on by our local area factory retail store and say hi!

Cheers, Jim Markel CEO