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aboutdotcom red oxx rucksack (now Trip Savvy), was one of the Internets most trusted guides to the web, relies on the expertise of subject matter experts. Their "Guides" are real people from all over the world who collect useful information about topics and personalize it with their recommendations. It’s a great resource, so we at Red Oxx were thrilled to find our name on the Europe for Visitors section of the site.’s European travel guide James Martin got his hands on our C-Ruck and had this to say:

Review by James Martin from

As a frequent traveler enamored with rugged, well-designed luggage, I like the very idea of a bag hand made by folks who care about their products–like the friendly folks at Red Oxx…

But my main concerns for rating a day pack or ruck sack are comfort, durability, and versatility. Can I use the bag picnicking, or on a photo expedition, as well as for a carry-on travel bag?

The Red Oxx C-Ruck comes through these tests with flying colors (it comes in 12 of them in fact).

The Carrying Comfort of the