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A Red Oxx Cuts Loose on Kodiak Island

Damian Baptiste on Kodiak Island

A Brown Bear Is Big and Bad, But a Red Oxx Will Get You There and Back!

How can you travel from the sunny beaches of Hawaii to the chilly mountains of Alaska and still have all your goods in one travel bag? Let alone a carry-on designed specifically with airlines in mind! Listen to the tale of one traveler who packed all his camping trip gear in one Red Oxx Safari Beano’s Airline Travel Carry-on Duffel.

Dear Jim,
I purchased a Safari Beano’s Airline Carry-on Duffel from you back in 2006. I chose it for use on my camping trip on Kodiak Island. I would have never thought an airline travel bag would be the ideal choice for carry on luggage. Well, I used it while on my transpacific flight from Honolulu to Anchorage. Jim, the Beano’s Airline Bag worked better than I could have imagined! I ditched my standard daypack. No way would it hold my sleeping bag, jacket, boots, thermal underwear, and lots of reading material like the Safari Beano’s.

Get a load of this! The Safari Beano’s packed twice the amount of stuff that fit in my day pack, yet it still fit in the overhead compartment. Once we arrived at Kodiak Island, we piled into a float plane for a 40 minute flight to Kaiugnak Bay. The Beano’s was perfect as adventure luggage for a float plane. Just the right size and weight.

My buddies were impressed. They hadn’t seen Red Oxx Adventure Travel Gear before. They all commented how solid and well-made the Beano’s Duffel is. Bravo Red Oxx! Thanks for making my trip fantastic. You guys know what you’re doing.

Damian Baptiste
Princeville, Hawaii

That’s right Damian, it’s a big state with small planes. Guys like you make us proud. You prove that Red Oxx Adventure Gear is the world’s best photo safari luggage, perfect for outdoor rough-n-tough-country travel and pond jumpers. Cheers, Jim Markel CEO