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You've got the best carry-on bag, the best laptop briefcase, the best rucksack and the best toiletry kits, now it's time to round out your travel accessories kit with the best travel essentials. Red Oxx has tested and approved all these travel essentials for your future journeys. If it ain't made in the U.S.A. or at least built using the same principles of lifetime use we incorporate in our gear, you won't find it here. Travel should be fun but it should also be comfortable. That's why Red Oxx developed a comfort carry strap - the Long Hauler. Travel should also be safe, so there's six different colored light reflective zip knots you can outfit your bag with. Travel should also be organized, because that makes the other factors fall into place. So toss your pocket stuff into a Travel Tray and you'll know right where important things like your keys, phone, glasses, or wallet is. Speaking of wallets, the Rigger Wallet won't rot or crack because it's cut from the 1000 weight CORDURA Brand Nylon Fabric as our bags. From Smartphone Holsters, to Laundry Wash Sacks, to Sleepmasks, these Travel Accessories will supplement your travel needs.