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News and Events - June 9, 2023
Red Oxx Events Lawn Show Schedule

Red Oxx Events Lawn Show Schedule

Updates to our Events Lawn Concerts, Gatherings, and other related Events. Links for tickets to upcoming shows available.

Adventure Journals - November 21, 2022
Venice, Italy

The European Trip that Made Me Partial to Sea Voyages

Like so many of you, leaving the passport in the safe for two years and putting travel on hold was certainly something I hadn’t expected. Trips and adventures all take first form as ideas in the future. And when the future is uncertain, it can really mess with your dreams… As a Marine you’re expected

News and Events - September 15, 2022


BILLINGS — Sept. 24 at the Babcock Theatre, the public will get a first look at RETURN, a locally made documentary film about a Vietnam War veteran’s father-son journey back to Vietnam for the first time since the war. Check out the official trailer here. Healing Old Wounds RETURN tells the story of retired Green

News and Events - February 26, 2022
Red Oxx Gear Shopper is approved

Tell Us What You Think – Customer Product Reviews

How to submit your personal product and merchant experience reviews using Shopper Approved.

About Red Oxx - January 5, 2022
Jim and the Monkey Fist Family

Our Story – Fair Trade In Action

Red Oxx Adventures into the Guatemala Jungle to engage in Fair Trade and Monkey Fist Zip Knots.

About Red Oxx - January 4, 2022
Red Oxx 35th Anniversary 1986-2021

Our Story – 35 Years & Still Made In Montana

Red Oxx celebrates 35 years in the manufacturing business. CEO Jim Markel talks about the manufacturing process and the history of adopting modern techniques.

About Red Oxx - January 3, 2022
Jim Markel CEO Red Oxx Manufacturing working from his office

Our Story – Origins of the Oxx

The History of Red Oxx Manufacturing – Second Generation American Veteran Owned since 1986.

Gear Reviews - January 1, 2022
Red Oxx PR4 Duffel Bag sends Greetings from Siberia

Red Oxx PR4 Small Duffel Bag Shines Brightly

Stephen H. actually got something good from Big Brother watching over him. What could that have been? It made him real happy that’s for sure. Check it out.

News and Events - January 1, 2022
Join the Herd - Red Oxx Career Recruitment

Join the Herd – Career Opportunities at Red Oxx.

Learn about job positions and employment available. We’re growing and looking for hard-working people to join us.

News and Events - December 22, 2021
Red Oxx Red Eye Collective Logo

History and Inspiration of the Red Eye Collective Logo

Digging into the history and inspiration for the unique symbol that represents Special Edition new gear from the Oxx – The Red Eye Collective.

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