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About Red Oxx - October 22, 2020
Jim Markel CEO Red Oxx Manufacturing working from his office

Our Story – Origins of the Oxx

The History of Red Oxx Manufacturing – Est. 1986. Humble Origins – from Calf to Oxx. All journeys begin with a first step. For Red Oxx this step was taken by CEO Jim Markel’s Veteran father, Jim Senior. After Jim Senior, Capt. Ret. completed his 20 years of military service, including time spent as a

Gear Reviews - October 21, 2020

What is an EDC Bag and Why You Need One

The world is filled with acronyms. From a government peppered with ABC departments and a military fond of the language process, some might argue it makes language simpler but if you don’t know the meaning of the acronym, then it’s not really that simple. In the bag industry the acronym EDC refers to Every Day

News and Events - October 19, 2020

Shipping Crisis? Order Now for On-time Christmas Delivery, Here’s Why

More and more shoppers are moving to online shopping. The expansion of the eCommerce universe has exploded since the arrival of the pandemic. Already major shipping suppliers are warning there may be shipping delays this holiday season. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal stated that major carriers FexEx and UPS both expect to

News and Events - October 18, 2020

Flying Private Charters Might be the Way of the Future

Why You Should Charter A Private Flight Today, commercial flights are mostly grounded. The airlines industry is down 90-95% in some areas, 40% here in Montana. The effects of the shutdown have been staggering to all involved in the travel industry. While commercial business and recreational travel may be down, there’s been a surprising shift

Adventure Journals - August 19, 2020

Pictures Tell a Story – Red Oxx Basks Under Towering Canadian Mountains

Sometimes pictures tell a story better than words ever can. Jeff C. took some fabulous photos of a fabulously photogenic British Columbia and Alberta, specifically the Banff area and the neighboring Yoho National Park. Here’s Jeff’s "Honorable Mention" Summer Adventure Promotion Submission. Red Oxx Air Boss Packed and Ready to Roll In August 2019 my

News and Events - August 12, 2020

Scott Brady of Overland International – The Interview Part 3

Overlanding Resources Overlanding guru Scott Brady, CEO of Overland International and Chairman and Publisher for the recreation’s leading publication "Overland Journal," returns for Part 3 and the final segment of our interview. In Part 1 Scott covered why travel matters and how it can improve our lives. Continuing in Part 2, Scott discussed what types

Adventure Journals - August 10, 2020

How to Pack for a Summer Mission Trip to Nepal

Despite the fact that this year there was no real trip to look forward to, Theresa planned a trip to Nepal that "could have been". In the process she created a "how to pack a backpack for carry-on travel to Nepal" guide. Having learned the number one reason to travel carry-on style, Theresa themed her

Adventure Journals - August 10, 2020

Red Oxx C-Ruck Rucksack Cradles Tennis Rackets for Trip Down Under

Stephanie and her husband took their first "bucket list" trip to the land down under – Australia. They booked their sports-themed trip with Tennis Ventures and traveled to attend the Australian Open in January of 2016. It was winter in the U.S., but it was a glorious summer in Australia. The trip itinerary provided numerous

News and Events - August 9, 2020
Wilderness Medical Donna von Nieda

Corporate Client Wilderness Medical Systems 2 Decade Relationship Benefits All

Red Oxx Embraces Teamwork, for Life Red Oxx Corporate Program "Your Logo, Our Bags" has been working with Montana based first aid kit and survival solutions company Wilderness Medical Systems for over 20 years. During this time, a strong relationship was built, and more importantly, equitably maintained. Red Oxx is in it for life. Not

Adventure Journals - August 5, 2020

Red Oxx Air Boss Assists Essential Worker’s Life on the Road

James H. confesses this really isn’t a summer adventure story, and that’s fine by us. Traveling for work is most of his life, and that is always an -adventure. We can certainly agree. So with no more ado, here’s James with our "favorite runner-up" Summer Adventure Journal Submission : My career with Electrical Utilities takes