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Gear Reviews - May 1, 2020
Red Oxx has your Graduate Gift Ideas Covered

Graduate Gift Ideas from Red Oxx

Here’s a list of graduate gift ideas for your favorite graduate, whether it’s high school or graduate school, you’re covered.

News and Events - April 30, 2020
Scott Brady at the South Pole, Antarctica

Scott Brady of Overland International – The Interview Part 2

The world-wide lockdown has people itching to escape. Overlanding is rising to the occasion as a hobby and sport, as stated in The Interview Part 1, "a genuine new travel trend". Since then, at the tail end of 2019, Scott Brady, President of Overland International has declared Red Oxx bags to be the gear of

Gear Reviews - April 20, 2020
SuperMom deserves the best Mother's day gifts

A Red Oxx Gift Guide for Mother’s Day Because Mom is Moo-varlous

Select a gift from Red Oxx for Mother’s Day this year, everything from Market Totes, to the Sky Train, to handy travel accessories.

News and Events - April 10, 2020
Rooibi the Rhodeian Ridgeback relaxing in the park

A Tail of Two Leashes – A Story of Gratitude for Furry Friends

Is your emotional support animal already tired of your company? I was out walking my Chilean Bristleback aka Rhodesian Ridgeback on a sunny Sunday. With the whole town eerily quiet we set out on a neighborhood adventure. Boss Rooibi has really developed a personality over the last few years. I think she’s determined that at

News and Events - April 5, 2020
Red Oxx Government Contract Capability Statement

Red Oxx Government Contract Capability Statement

Veteran owned since 1986, Berry Act compliant. Manufacturing quality sewn soft goods for government contracting agencies. Unrivaled Lifetime warranty. 

Red Oxx Overlanding - December 19, 2019
Cabbage, Potatoes and Garlic Travel Really Well. ~ Jim Markel CEO

How to Easily Create a Healthy One-Pan Camping Meal

Cooking with Cast Iron One of my favorite aspects of traveling in a good Overlanding rig is that cookware weight becomes a non-issue. I prefer to cook using heavy cast-iron pans while in the wild. The obvious benefit is true iron cookware needs only minimal cleanup. A well "seasoned" iron frying pan is superior to

Adventure Journals - December 2, 2019

Story of the Heart – A Young Man’s Duffel Bag Lives On

Red Oxx Adventure Journals: Roger Flahive recounts his many voyages with his Big Oxx Expedition Duffels, one that belonged to his son.

Red Oxx Overlanding - November 19, 2019

How to Set Up Your Overland Camp Kitchen

Your overland camp kitchen is an ever evolving bit of kit. Red Oxx CEO Jim Markel demonstrates his camp chef method using a Big Bull Roll-up bag.

News and Events - October 31, 2019

Billings Montana Outdoor Events Space Available – Red Oxx Events Lawn

Looking for an outdoor event space for your special get together, concert, wedding? Check out the newest location, downtown Billings. Great rates, easy access. Book now.

Red Oxx Overlanding - September 4, 2019
AEV custom-built Chevy Bison. Photo by Scott Brady.

Scott Brady of Overland International – the Interview Part 1

Overland Journal’s Scott Brady gets interviewed by Patrick Pitman. What is Overlanding? Why live this lifestyle? Best bags for over land travel.