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Red Oxx Railroad T-Shirt REF: 92022

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Technical Specifications

I’m Your Next Thousand-Miler. Get dirty -- don't worry.

Hogger have the heat turned up high enough to spoil the food in your lunchbox? Sweating under your fall protection gear on the nose? Good thing you’re wearing a lightweight t-shirt that won’t show the pit stains.

Whether you’re working the yard or on the road, layers are the key to staying comfortable. Keep cool between working the ground and climbing back and forth into the cab. When that crew caller wakes you from your slumber, grab your ultra-soft, ultra-comfy Red Oxx Railroad t-shirt, Carhartts and boots.

Not a lot of time for laundry chores? Our railroad t-shirt is dark so it won’t show dirt, just in case you need to wear it for 1,000 miles before washing it. Heck, that’s only ten 100-mile days! Red Oxx t-shirts are all American made and printed right next door to us in Billings, Montana at Dally O Western Wear. Light 100% soft cotton feels as good as it looks. Available in large, extra-large, and double XL sizes. Black only (you know, because of the pit stains).

No foamin' stuff – just railroad workwear.

No design on the front – that way you can even wear it underneath a nice button up shirt so you can show your Red Oxx pride on (and off) the rails.

Thousand-Miler Trivia: The expression “thousand-miler” appears in The Wayward Bus by John Steinbeck on pg. 29. “…worn by traveling men and known as a thousand-miler because it does not show dirt”.

Red Oxx is a Veteran owned and operated US Manufacturer.

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