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What is a personal item? It's a bag you can carry with you onto the plane and not put into the overhead bin or under the seat. It's small enough to sit in your lap or hang from your shoulder or wrap around your waist. Personal Item bag size is a bag that is smaller than regulation carry-on 22x14x9. So a personal item could be a backpack like the K-12 Kat Pack, a Lil Roy Cache' Bag, a Laundro Bag, or an Extra Small Aviator Kit Bag. A personal item such as the Booty Boss Waist Pack can be worn over the shoulder, cross body or in front for easy access while you sit on the plane. Most any laptop briefcase such as the C.C. Rider Messenger Bag, the CPA, Metro or Micro Manager will bring your laptop on board for easy access. The Gator EDC Bag or any Every Day Carry bag like The Hound, or any of our three Shopping Totes can also be personal items. Our Maximum Utility Travel Tote is a popular personal item carry-on. Whichever bag you chose, made in USA Red Oxx personal items are all backed by our No Bull Lifetime Warranty.

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