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Mini Tote Bag REF: 92039

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Technical Specifications

I'm the Mini Me Tote of Shopping Bags! "I don't need a bell, I'll hang out on your arm."

Introducing the Red Oxx Mini Tote Bag, the down size version of our eternally popular recyclable Market Tote grocery bag. Perfectly sized for hand, forearm or wrist carrying of your everyday items such as:

  • lunch or snacks
  • Kindle or tablet, electronics and charger accessories
  • easily carry a beer growler
  • perfect grocery shopping tote for single people
  • smaller knitting or sewing projects and art supplies
  • a storage or carry along tote for winter hats and gloves
  • a reusable gift bag that's a gift unto itself
  • books and magazines
  • kids toys and games
  • diapers, wipes and baby necessities
  • airline carry-on personal item
  • folds down flat to store in your luggage or vehicle
  • souvenirs and nick-knacks bag for the trip home
  • gym bag (shoes, towel, T-shirt and so on)
  • doggy bag for toys and treats
  • gardening bag for tools or small harvests

Hand made from the same sturdy textile materials as all our bags. The Red Oxx Mini Tote Shopping Bag is constructed of CORDURA® Nylon on the color panels and features Ballistic nylon on the sides; this allows the tote to easily stand up on its own. We wrapped one-inch nylon webbing around the bag to create handles that are long enough to carry by hand or drape on your wrist or forearm. Classic box stitched at the web handle stress points, all edges and corners are also double stitched and bound for long lasting never-fray use. Comes in all twelve of our vibrant colors so you can color coordinate your items or belongings. Mini Tote, a bag for all reasons.

The ladies love using it as a sewing tote, crochet bag or knitting bag. Adventurous types take it with them around the world and use it for more things than we could ever think of. Since they fold flat, packing several Mini Totes along as "luggage extenders" means you can carry-on as a personal item and bring home extra goodies and gifts from your travels.

Even pre-schooler and grade school students find the Mini Tote useful as a book, lunch or toy bag. Its sturdy build and just-right size easily holds a tablet, several paperbacks, smaller writing notebooks, Leap pads, Leap Frog books and tagger, coloring books, crayons, activity books, games and toys. Toss your pens and electronic gadgets such as chargers into the Mini Tote Bag and keep them all in one place. Buy two or more Mini Totes, you'll always find a use for more than one!

Mini Totes exposed to food when used as a grocery bag or lunch sack can get dirty quickly. Dirt, vegetable matter, crushed fruit, spilled juices or soda, sticky candy, leaking jars and bottles can gunk up the interior of your Mini Tote. Fortunately, it's a piece of cake (no pun intended) to clean. Simply fill a sink, or bucket with warm soapy water (we recommend Dr. Bronner's), grab a nylon bristle brush and lightly scrub your tote bag clean.

If your tote suffers from icky odors, mix a spoonful of baking soda with your water. Turn it inside out to scrub out the interior. Then rinse both sides in warm water and hang up to dry on the shower head or outdoors on a laundry line. Never use a machine dryer to dry any Red Oxx bag and always avoid solvents or harsh industrial cleaning agents as they could damage the water resistant lining.

U.S.A. Dimensions: 9"H x 5"D x 8"W.
Capacity: 360 cubic inches.
Weight: 0.45 pounds.

Metric Dimensions: 22.8cm H x 12.7cm D x 20.3cm W.
Capacity: 5.9 Liters.
Weight: 0.20 Kilos.

"No Bull" no question's asked Lifetime Warranty. Red Oxx lasts longer.
Thoughtfully designed, lovingly hand-crafted, and quickly shipped from Billings, Montana U.S.A..

Transit Shipping Time Map.

Witness the birth of your bag and learn about the many steps it takes to handcraft your Mini Tote.

Meet the thundering herd who build your gear with pride.

Red Oxx is a Veteran owned and operated US Manufacturer.

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