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Going back 35 years, Red Oxx's birth was in the world of Fitness Gear. Red Oxx founder Jim Markel Senior started Red Oxx because he was a body builder intent on making weight lifting accessories that lasted. Fitness was his name and building fitness gear became his game. In the mid 90s son and new CEO Jim Markel moved to the production of bags as the weight lifting straps market became drenched with offshore builders who could under sell him. In celebration of 35 years and in honor of his dad, Jim relaunched the three most popular weight lifting straps. Every workout needs fluid replenishment. Red Oxx tested and approved made in USA and BPA free water bottles made by Nalgene, available in several sizes. A nod to Jim Senior's birthday, Jim designed a Gym Bag to also mark the 35th year Red Oxx has been a manufacturer.

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