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Red Oxx Traveler’s Gift Guide

Red Oxx Traveler’s Gift Guide

Red Oxx has the right gift for anyone, for any budget. From wee tots to granpappy, you can be certain your gift will resonate with recipients for years to come. Tough, innovative and built to last, look to Red Oxx for memorable, and meaningful gifts with this Traveler’s Gift Guide from Red Oxx.

Gifts for the Men in Your Life.

The Travelling Man

As airlines began to put the squeeze on carry-on bags, Red Oxx identified a need for international business travelers to carry a bag that will fit in the international bag checker. So we bought a bag checker and then designed and built a smaller bag based on our famous Air Boss.

Introducing the Mini Boss, an international-sized overnight or weekend carry-on bag that features a protection sleeve for your laptop. The Mini Boss rose to become a top selling carry-on bag in our carry-on lineup. Fits in the bag checker; we know, we own one.

Psst, for those single gals with household fixings (hammer, tape, screw drivers, odds and ends) it’s great, too. Who needs a tool box or a garage when you can hang the Big Bull Roll-up in a closet stuffed full of home repair and maintenance tools. If you’re working on something just grab it and take it away.

Handy Accessories for a Handy Man

Rigger Wallet : A nylon tri-fold wallet that will outlast any leather wallet out there. Never rots or cracks. Clear ID window, credit card slot, zippered coin or key pocket and secure Velcro closure. 12 cool colors. A made in USA wallet with a lifetime warranty? You can’t lose.

Tri-fold Shave Kit : A hanging fold-open toiletry kit with three internal pockets; two in see-through mesh to organize your man’s toiletries and shave kit (or you can sneak off and use it as your makeup kit). Built to last a lifetime. Check out the many happy customer reviews.

The Active Man

Does your honey love to scuba dive? Try a Tres Hombres Convertible Carry-on. This innovative duffel has a long padded main compartment for storing your scuba fins in and two handy side pockets for the other gear and your belongings. Tough ballistic bottom and retractable backpack straps make for easy carry three ways: shoulder, hand clasp or on your back.

Built-in exterior compression straps cinch your load down. If the Tres Hombres is too large, there’s the little brother, Lil Hombre, a scaled down version of this wonderful collapsible bag.

A Social Kind of Fellow

Does your man depend on an iPad tablet for business or personal communications? Our Micro Manager features foam padding not only all around the sides and bottom of the bag but also over the tablet slip cover inside. Slightly taller than our popular Gator tote, the Micro Manager is an everyday carry tote that keeps your honey’s important electronic devices protected and organized.

Gifts for the Women in Your Life.

Raising young boys or girls? Around about now any backpack you bought your teen this fall will probably be showing some serious wear and tear, or worse, is broken already. Why buy a backpack every year when you can buy your teen a backpack for life!

K-12 Kat Pack Backpack : Rectangular backpacks can carry more. Backpack weak points? Solved. Wrapped down the sides for easy access with zippers that will outlast any other on the market. Get your teenager the backpack built like a tank. “***** “It lasts!” ~ Kathy “…money very well spent.” ~ Caroline and over 40 other satisfied customer reviews. Available in 12 cool kid-friendly colors.

No kids yet but one on the way? The Gator all around tote and secret “diaper bag” was developed by Red Oxx President Perry when he was confronted with a new baby boy. Being a Navy parachute rigger he designed a cool diaper bag that any woman, or man, could carry with confidence. When the diapers disappear, the bag becomes an everyday tote for all kinds of uses.

The Sky Train Convertible Backpack Carry-on is the usual travel bag of choice for the ladies, but now that Red Oxx offers Packing Cubes, the new favorite is the Roadster Mini Ruck Rucksack.

Gals love all the pockets. No more pulling all her clothes out to get to things. She won’t have to now using our packing cubes. Just stuff the belongings in them, organized by color and size, and she’ll know that what she wants is in her rucksack.

Gifts for Kids

Lil Roy Gadget Bag. Give a kid a place to store his video games and the cables, chargers, handles and batteries that go with them. Mother’s can put everyone’s medication in them. Easy carry handles and twin inside mesh pockets.

Gift idea for a teen or college kid: Laundro Bag Mesh Wash Sack comes with a shoulder carry handle and folds down to pocket size. Bring home their smelly gym clothes or take their sports outfits to the locker room.

Gifts for Athletes

Our Safari Beanos Duffel bags make great sports gear bags. Tough, simple, with unbreakable hardware. Available in four sizes.

The Aviator Line offers two sizes, from the Extra Small, big enough to hold a sports ball and outfit, and the Small Aviator, which could hold your baseball helmet, gloves, shoes and outfit. Budget minded athletes can enjoy the toughness of Red Oxx gear without the high price.

Gifts for Road Trippers

The Safari Beanos PR5 duffel main compartment can be accessed from it’s top loading lid and twin end pockets. No slip Claw shoulder strap will carry your belongings from trunk to motel, available in 12 vibrant colors.

Gifts for Cooks and Shoppers

Before you cook, you have to shop for ingredients. In steps the Market Tote or the Mini Tote shopping bags. Modeled after the classic brown paper bag, the Market Tote will stand up not only for loading / unloading but to a lifetime of use. And not just for shopping either; great for groceries, taking food to dinners, hauling crafts around, books, tools, fishing gear, camping gear…

The Mini Tote is the most versatile shopping tote available. The perfect size for wrist-carrying your lunch, a beer growler, kids toys, diapers, and so much more. And dog stuff when you travel. The dog has his own Tote. Yes, he does.

Now available in a mid-size just the right size Mezzo Tote. Think of it as a tote for sustaining singles shoppers. Sized about the same capacity as your typical plastic grocery bag, the Mezzo Tote ain’t too big and ain’t too small. Just right. You can never own too many Totes. Especially ones that will last forever! Available in 12 vibrant colors. This time buy a shopping Tote that’s made in USA.

Gifts for the Railroad Brotherhood

The ever popular Grip always makes an appreciated gift. For once, your trainman won’t have to replace his bag every year. The Rail Yard line got a nice addition with downsized Rail Runner Rucksack.

Rail men always appreciate a nice Red Oxx Bull hat or special Red Oxx Railyard T-shirt. Plenty of great add-on accessories like a handy Key Fob Mini Coil Lanyard to keep his keys at hand, yet securely anchored.

Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

Our new Packing Cubes Collection  has been a roaring success. Organize your belongings by color. Our bright neon colors can be seen in the darkest of bags. Available in five handy sizes, each packing cube features a see-through mesh lid, a tough YKK #5 zipper, light-reflecting monkey fist zip knots, and a carry handle.

Travel Tray. Keep your pocket goods organized. Consider a personal valet. Never misplace or forget your pocket travel essentials again. Customers rave: “…so useful for collecting pocket items”, “Love this… Can never have enough of these.”, “highly recommend this product for its versatility.” Travelers love the easy-to see bright vibrant colors.

Toiletry shave kits are a travel essential and make wonderful gifts. A super popular gift item around the Red Oxx corral. Affordable Nomad or affluent Tri-fold, your choice.

Tag your gifts with the most unique gift tag ever: a personalized custom Dog Tag. Enough room for their name and an inspiring greeting.

Ethical Gifts for the Civic Minded

Red Oxx employs a large family in a village in the Mountains of Guatemala to tie our Monkey Fist Zip Knots. Available in both standard grey and bright light-reflecting safety colors, not only are Monkey Fist Zip Knots ethical in the support of free trade, but they also make unique and colorful gifts, especially stocking stuffers.

Priced at a buck and under each, the Monkey Fists have a fantastic story behind them. When Jim, our CEO, went looking for a replacement zip knot for our bags he set off to the jungles of Guatemala. Watch the video On the Trail of the Monkey Fist located on the Zip Knot product pages for a quick rundown of the story.

More background on the origins of the intriguing story of the Monkey Fist is available here.

Red Oxx Recommended Travel Accessories

Red Oxx has tested a plethora of reliable, useful, and made in USA travel accessories that we don’t make, but we love to use. Take your pick of any of these fine gifts for the hardcore traveler. They won’t be disappointed.

Gifts for Fans of the Oxx

The herd could always use a few roamers out in the world proudly displaying a Red Oxx T-shirt or Ball Cap. Slap a sticker on your bumper over that embarrassing election sticker.

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