Customer Appreciation Day

OxxFest III – Customer Appreciation Day & Food Truck Roundup Report

OxxFest III – Customer Appreciation Day & Food Truck Roundup Report
For the third year in a row, Red Oxx hosted a customer appreciation day, that has also evolved into a community appreciation day — Oxx Fest III. This year the great Food Truck Roundup returned to dominate the scene. Once again, Fat Taco dominated and was voted "best food truck". Bigger and better than ever before, Oxx Fest III featured more local artists, more local music, and more locals, despite the dreary weather.

A long drought was broken that weekend with a welcoming rain, never fear Red Oxx was prepared. Nearly a dozen fabulous resident musicians entertained the crowd as "the herd" chowed down on scrumptious foods from Billings’ best food trucks while sheltered under tents. Oxx Fest? Nay, it was an Oxx Feast!

Crazy Rat Rods lined the street while tents and trailers filled with incredible local art dazzled the herd. CEO Jim Markel chatted up the local TV guys while the crowd picked over the Red Oxx inventory in the newly remodeled showroom. Conspicuous in their groovy tie dye shirts, the crew patrolled the event, guiding customers, answered questions, and had a rip-roaring good ‘ole time.

Every hour on the hour, the Master of Ceremonies, our very own Minister of Information for D.O.R.A., the Department Of Red Oxx Affairs, drew prize winners, and then corralled the curious crowds off to tour Red Oxx Factory #8 where President Perry guided tours, entertained and educated.

Grand Prize winners this year included Doreen Velarde and Stephen Patterson who both won a "luggage set" consisting of an

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