Today's modern briefcases are designed to safely haul computer laptops and all the required carry-along power accessories like chargers and cables. Red Oxx Briefcases offer padded protection yet still have the beautiful flexibility that soft-sided bags provide. Each laptop briefcase comes with a Claw Non-slip carry strap and are designed to fit common laptop sizes. If you're fond of iPad tablets, check out the Micro Manager designed specifically with most tablet sizes in mind. If you need to go somewhere for a weekend you can pack your clothes in a CPA Laptop Briefcase, as it's double the width of our standard capacity Metro. Due to their casual, yet handsome appearance, you can "stealth-carry" your valuable computer and look professional during a company meeting. Choose Black or Midnight colors if you seek a business or professor briefcase appearance. All Red Oxx padded Briefcases for men or women are available in 12 vibrant CORDURA® Nylon Fabric colors and are backed by our "No Bull" Lifetime Warranty.

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