What Makes the Perfect Carry-on Duffle?

As airlines cut the weight limit on checked bags, your carry on bag has become even more important.

The weight limit of 50 lbs on a checked bag means space must be used in the most efficient, convenient, roomy manner possible. So exactly what makes the perfect carry on well, perfect?

Here I’ll explain some of the ideas behind the design of our most popular series of duffel style carry-on bags: the PR4 Safari Beano and the PR5 Safari Beano.


When it came time to design and build the Safari Beano’s series of duffel style carry-on bags we looked at every bag available on the market. It was then that it was decided to break away from the pack. With that in mind we set out to make the strongest bag out there — not just marginally stronger. The bar was raised to its highest standard: that of Parachute Rigging! Why Parachute Rigging? Red Oxx has two military trained Riggers on staff, Jim and Perry.

The rigger motto is “I will be sure, always.” What it boils down to is a high standard of quality that exceeds every travel bag on the market.

I have a lot of people ask, “How much will it hold?” The PR5 Safari is made to meet the maximum allowable carry-on by weight at 50 pounds. Here’s an idea of what belongings I’ve stuffed into it on many occasions:

  • 3 pairs of pants
  • 3 shirts
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 3 pair of briefs
  • a Tri-Fold Toiletry Kit
  • a pair shorts
  • and sandals.

Through experience I’ve found that for a quick overnight trip (or if you need a spacious organized hobby bag) the PR4 Safari fits the bill nicely. This smaller duffel bag will easily accommodate a change of clothes and a toiletry kit.

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