Varmint Master Scopes Out South Dakota

When you’re in the field, there’s nothing like running out of space for your stuff. Keep it all together with pockets made just the right size. That’s the experience of Jim Scobie, September’s Adventure Journal Submission!

I just returned from a Prairie Dog hunt in South Dakota. Although not an exotic location, this was my first opportunity to put my recently purchased Red Oxx equipment to field use.

When I purchased the Gator Bag, I knew in general what I intended to use it for, I just didn’t really know what I was specifically going to put in it. That changed in about a pico-second after getting to SD. This bag came in real handy for my binoculars, camera, roll of toilet paper, checkbook, and wallet, cell phone, pagers, and the rest of the assorted rat pack most hunters travel with nowadays.

The Varmint Case really fit’s the bill for a Varmint rifle with target knobs. I can fit a lot of junk in the 3 pockets.

The one thing that really stands out with this gear is it’s quality, durability, and utility. I expect this stuff will last me a long time no matter how bad I beat it up — and still look good doing it.

Count me as a repeat customer.

Jim Scobie

Thank you, Jim. Congratulations on your Adventure in South Dakota.

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