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Old shop in Guatemala.

Discovering Fair Trade in Guatemala, Part 1

October 9, 2008Jim Markel
On the trail of the Monkey’s Fist, 2006 When Red Oxx Manufacturing co-owner Jim Markel traveled to Guatemala, he discovered a fair trade human interest story. It all started with those handy little cords on all of our travel bags. The ones that make it easy to pull open the #10 YKK zippers. They feel
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Diving at Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Face to face with Hammerhead Sharks in Costa Rica – Cocos Island Part 3

July 31, 2008Jim Markel
Jim’s Costa Rica Adventure, Part 3 Part 3 in Costa Rica. Red Oxx Manufacturing co-owner Jim Markel survived a river run through a rainforest in part 2 of his Costa Rican adventure. Now he and cousin Shawn meet Hammerheads face to face underwater. Arriving back in San Jose after our rainforest river run, we scouted
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Sharks in Costa Rica - Cocos Island, up close and personal

Eat, Sleep, Dive – Treasures and Sharks in Costa Rica – Cocos Island Part 4

July 31, 2008Jim Markel
Jim’s Costa Rican Adventure, Part 4 Part 4, Jim’s Costa Rican Adventure. Red Oxx’s co-owner Jim Markel gets down with the barber fish, until an Oceanic Great White Shark slips in for a trim. Sharks aren’t the only thing that will raise your pulse at Cocos Island. How about the billion dollars of treasure buried
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Waterfall at Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Paddle Harder, Faster on the Pacuares in Costa Rica – Cocos Island Part 2

July 31, 2008Jim Markel
Jim’s Costa Rican Adventure – Part 2 Costa Rica Part 2 – "Like Sharks?" The ominous email proclaimed. Now that Jim’s packed and ready to head out, here’s part 2 in the next series from Jim’s adventure travel log: Costa Rican Adventure. Arriving in Florida, the check out dives were a good idea before heading
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Cocos Island - off the coast of Costa Rica

An Invitation to the Most Beautiful Diving Site – Cocos Island Part 1

July 31, 2008Jim Markel
Jim’s Costa Rican Adventure – Part I. A trip from Billings, Montana to Cocos Island, off the coast of Costa Rica, Part 1. When Red Oxx Manufacturing co-owner Jim Markel wrote about his trip to Zambia in 2003, you told us you wanted to hear more. So here’s the next series from Jim’s adventure travel
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Two Guys and Two Bags.

Two Weeks. Two Countries. Two Flights. Two Guys – All Using Two Bags.

June 30, 2008Minister of Information
How Did These Guys Make Their Trip With Just Two Simple Carry-on Bags? "Two weeks. Two countries. Two flights. Six trains. Some taxis. A subway. A mountain. Countless streets and shops. Innumerable restaurants and pubs. And just One Air Boss and One Gator. No problem." That’s how William Lamb summed up his trip to Europe
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My future wife, Idske Resink with the Gator Bag that carried the ring.

Gator Carry-on Keeps a Keepsake Safe

May 29, 2008Minister of Information
A Gator Bag Helps Get A Man Married Thijs Resink and his girlfriend Idske came all the way over from the Netherlands to tour the beautiful parks of America. They kept it simple and traveled light, carrying only a Gator and a Tri-fold Shave Kit. At a quiet little inn, Thijs popped the question. Let’s
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Jim Markel, the man behind the Oxx

Ex-paratrooper Jumps into Tough World of Travel Bags

November 21, 2007Minister of Information’s interview with Jim Markel, Red Oxx Co-owner. Special thanks to Chris Barnett for allowing us to republish this fun and informative interview that first appeared at in the summer of 2007 Enjoy! ~Jim Long before he jumped into the travel bag business, Jim Markel packed parachutes during his four-year tour in the Marines.
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You can write your Red Oxx Gear into your will. Student Travel Rates Gator Best Pick

July 26, 2007Minister of Information
The Bottom Line., one of the Internet’s most trusted guides to the web, relies on the expertise of subject matter experts. Their "Guides" are real people from all over the world who collect useful information about topics and personalize it with their recommendations. Review by Kathleen Crislip, Red Oxx’s "Gator" travel shoulder bag
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Jay O'Rear and his Air Boss take on the Arabian desert.

Air Boss & Gator vs. a Sinai Sandstorm

June 22, 2007Minister of Information
Round The World In Two Carry-on Bags. While on a globe-trotting adventure, Jay O’Rear tests the sturdy durability, and ultimate versatility of Red Oxx Adventure Travel Gear while immersed within urban jungle and desert safari. Greetings,I spent months prior to my recent round-the-world trip looking for the perfect carry-on luggage setup. I left San Francisco
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