Standing Up to the Elements: a South African Safari

Zebras are among the most fascinating African wildlife; Nature’s camouflage works in mysterious ways. What a sight they make up close! Extra points for also sporting our Red Oxx t-shirt in the photo. It’s clear your sense of style extends from your carry-on luggage to your wardrobe.

Dear Red Oxx,
We bought your luggage at the Elks Club Convention in Reno. It was well worth it.

It packed well with putting the clothes in zip lock bags. Good suggestion.

We traveled by pick up truck to 3 different areas in the Northern Province of South Africa so the luggage was exposed to the elements. Dust, rain, more dust. No problem, it stood up very well.

We had a great time. Mike shot a cape buffalo, gems bok, impala, red hardebeast, wart hog, and cape kudo. I shot a Black Wildebeast. We enjoyed ourselves.

The luggage was well worth it.

Chris and Mike Zalsman

PS. Angus Brown Safaris treated us very well.

Congratulations, Mike and Chris. Hope you’re soon ready for your next African adventure. Keep wearing those Red Oxx T’s! Cheers, Jim Markel CEO

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