Safari Beano’s Duffel Braves Hurricane Winds at Polynesian Gathering

Safari Beanos Carry-on Bag Braves High Winds and Horizontal Rain

Jeff Wade takes his Safari-Beanos bag to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As you can see here, hurricane winds and heavy rain are no match for the Safari Beano’s Duffel Bag.

Dear Jim & Perry,
I received my Medium Safari-Beanos bag almost a year ago and I use it on ALL my "expeditions".

This weekend I’m using it on a trip to Jacksonville, FL, however the photo you see here is as the family and I prepared for an adventure called "Hukilau 2004." It’s an annual gathering of fans of tiki and all things Polynesian that’s been held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida the last 2 years.

It was to be a fun tropical weekend; not such a tough task for luggage, however we did get a surprise… on Saturday morning we were evacuated from our beach side resort because hurricane Jeanne was approaching. We moved inland and braved high winds and horizontal rain to attend the wild Polynesian party at the Mai-Kai Restaurant & Lounge which was the culmination of the event.

Our expedition was a bit wilder than we expected, but it proved no match for the Safari Beanos bag. The Safari Beanos is a GREAT bag, and I look forward to many, many more adventures with it by my side!


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