Safari Beano Gets up Close with Alaskan Bears

Corporate client John Franklin’ Adventure Journal!

John Franklin CEO of 1st Bank Sidney Montana stopped by Red Oxx to order his corporate gifts and left this us with this great photo. Yikes, it appears that his Safari Beano is in dire straits of being sniffed out by a wild Alaskan bear.

I flew into the bush for some up close bear watching and was busy taking photos when Yogi decided to make a move on my favorite bag. No worries though, the yearly salmon run kept the bears attention and the further field testing was not needed by the bears.

Thanks John for your submission and continued patronage. Be sure to look into our Corporate Branding Program whereby you can order your logo to be stitched to our bags, including personalized monogramming and color matched materials. We all know corporate branded products make great gifts. But Red Oxx Corporate Promotional products make great LIFETIME gifts.

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