Rock Hopper Hops Around the World

When You Travel Light, Even a Day-pack is Enough

This young man proved mission worthy during his 3 month long volunteer trip to the pacific rim. He carried with him during his walks around Oceania his trusty Rock Hopper and carried on his Sky Train. Proving traveling light is the best way to make friends and see the world, Mason also took some wonderful pictures. Everyone should consider volunteer work!

Dear Red Oxx,

During my mission to the pacific rim, I got to see God’s awesome creations and I am humbled at the opportunity and experiences He’s given me. I’ve made so many new friends from every country and with the people I traveled with. Seeing the world is a life changing experience.

Over the three month period, our group traveled on literally every transportation vehicle possible. Planes (big and small), boats, subways, trains, cabs, bicycles and buses. Of course the majority of our travels were on foot. All I can say is we were walking all the time. ALL THE TIME!

Discoveries – here’s a Cliff Notes version of some of the exciting things we got to experience. Landed in Hong Kong, got to visit the Big Budda and other small surrounding islands. After about a week there we flew to BeiJing and studied at Capital Normal University for about 3 weeks. During that time our group got to see the Terracotta warriors, the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, Tiennamen Square, about 15 different temples in China alone. For about a week we stayed in Xi’an, and then another few days at a farming village.

During the next month we visited Japan. Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Mito, Iburaki; somewhat close to where the earthquake hit, and Mt. Fuji are some of the places we stayed. I spent a month living with a host family. Absolutely fell in love with the Japanese people and culture. Beautiful people.

The rest of the trip was composed of New Zealand and Australia. We landed in Auckland, and ended up in Tarongo(?). While in New Zealand I got to Bungee jump and sky dive at 15,000ft. Saw Mt. Tarrawarra and the setting of HobbitTown from the movie Lord of the Rings!. In Australia I visited beautiful beaches, the Opera House, and I enjoyed a scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef! Throughout the trip our group did lots of volunteer work, and met with resident missionaries. It was a cram-packed 3 months!

Mason Drumm

For sending us his adventure journal submittal, Mason gets his choice of Rigger Wallet or Market Tote. When will we hear about about YOUR adventure?

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