Rock Hopper Beats Back Black Bear

Red Oxx vs. Black Bear. Score: Oxx – 1, Bear – 0.

We hear time and again how tough our bags are. “Tough as nails,” “Strong as an Ox,” to name a few of the slogans folks have suggested to us. But we never thought of a bag as a weapon or a deterrent for animal attacks. But that’s exactly what Cody Jackson used his Rock Hopper Day Pack for. To deter a charging animal. A rather large and dangerous charging animal. Tell us your story Cody!

I was walking early one morning in the wooded areas of the Stillwater river to a favorite hunting area about 20 minutes before legal shooting light. All of a sudden there was a loud thud and rustling in the bushes ahead of me. From out of the bushes, a female black bear reared its head and proceeded to charge me. I did not have any bear spray, just a bow and my Red Oxx Rock Hopper. I immediately began backing away and just as the bear approached me on a dead run I took my back pack off and began to swing it rapidly in front of me. Luckily the bear changed course. Just as I thought I was in the clear yet another sow came charging right behind the first one towards my friend and I. I once again began to yell and scream and use my back pack as defense. I rapidly swung my pack as the bear leaped towards me. When the bear got within 5 feet it thankfully changed direction. I notified the Fish, Wildlife and Parks of the incident. Come to find out there were two sow black bears with twin cubs out there and my friend and I must have just got in the middle of them.

Wow. Well we can only imagine that once that bear got sight of the snarling fearsome Red Oxx label, it turned tail and bolted. For his bravery Cody gets his choice of a Rigger Wallet or Market Tote. You too can get a bag or billfold by sending us your story. We urge you not to get between two sows, however!

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