Rucksack Survives Zimbabwe Safari

When the early rumblings of the company were still falling on "nearly deaf" ears, the good folks at the Safari Club hooked us up. Thus our fledgling company eked out an early living selling primarily to African Safari Adventure Crews. We made a few friends along the way.

Dear Friends,
I really appreciate your products. Your equipment has treated me well on three African safaris. The first was to hunt with Russ Broom Safaris in Zimbabwe for Cape Buffalo and plains game, I took one of your large duffel bags to check all my gear. The second was for plains game in Namibia. I checked the same duffle bag and added a Rucksack to use as my carry on bag and my day pack while hunting. This year I went back to hunt with Russ Broom Safaris in Zimbabwe for elephant and a few antelope. I took the duffel, the Rucksack and added two rifle cases.

All the gear has worked perfectly. The duffel has survived baggage handlers for over 100,000 miles of flights. I’ve checked not only all my clothes and boots for each trip, but my heavy aluminum ammo box and even brought back several stone statues in it this last trip! It still looks like new.

The Rucksack has been terrifically rugged and since I got home from the last safari has been the only bag I’ve taken on several trips to shooting competitions and family occasions.

Although I got the Gun Runner Rifle Case for the safari this year. They have gotten hard use in my guiding business for wild boar in California. They’re not only rugged but there is no chance of scratching the gun’s finish since there are no metal parts.
Kyler Hamann
Owner – Boaring Experiences LLC

Great news Kyler. We are also really diggin’ that Toyota pickup. Wish they sold them in the USA.

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