Rucksack & Rifle Gear Take on Africa

The C-ruck Carry-on – More Than Just A Hunting Rucksack.

Experienced safari hunter Loy Howard knows his hunting. He also knows his adventure travel luggage. Loy’s done it all, and he did one safari in ten days in every kind of terrain imaginable. He chose the Red Oxx C-ruck Carry=on Rucksack because he knew it’s uses and abilities were only limited by his imagination. Discover with Loy, the amazing different abilities of this descendant of the humble paratrooper rucksack along with why Red Oxx Adventure Gear is the perfect Corporate Gift.

Dear Jim,
I put your Red Oxx C-ruck Rucksack through every challenge possible during my 10-day safari hunt. From the muddy swamp of the Zambezi River Delta, or on the Zambezi River itself, to the dusty bush country, the rucksack passed every challenge I could throw at it with flying colors.

Not only was it a perfect hunting pack, it also served as main support for extensive bird watching. It aided me to identify 80 different species of birds. How you ask? Well Jim, the Rucksack proved an ideal companion for my cameras, lenses, bird identification books, and notes. I like how all the outside zipper access pockets make it a cinch to access camera lenses for quick changes, and I can tuck in my bird identification books and my notes, too.

The Rucksack even fits perfectly in a dug-out canoe. Was this part of your plan? Because if so, it sure made a big difference. Check out the picture of my Rucksack in a dug out canoe that we used to hunt crocodile on the Zambezi River. Talk about superior design! Even my Professional Hunter was so impressed, he wanted one. I told him to visit your booth at the Safari Club International Show.

After I returned home, I was amazed at the minimal wear and tear on the Rucksack. After enduring long international adventures like a rugged safari, I can vouch your Rucksacks are truly a tough, functional pack. I know I can count on Red Oxx Adventure Travel Gear for any trip or safari.

I’ll also swear by your Flat-Dog Gun Slip, a Binocular Case, which fits my 10×42 Swaroski binocular perfectly, and Safari Beano’s Duffel Bags, which are ideal for packing luggage. I was pleased with the soft bag design of the Beano. That was a critical as an airline carry on space saver, especially since we flew several small charter planes to the back country bush in Mozambique.

I hope you like the pictures of my Mozambique hunting safari and just so you know, I used the Rucksack as my primary airline carry on. The picture of me with my trusty Rucksack in an amphibious Argo says it all. Argos easily access the swamps on the Zambezi River Delta where we were hunting cape buffalo.

I’m hooked on Red Oxx Adventure Travel Gear. So much so, that I am seriously considering your Corporate Gift Program. What better way to recognize top performing employees than by awarding them with top performing gear such as Red Oxx?

Thanks again for making such great, dependable adventure gear.

Loy M. Howard

Holy smoke Loy! You really know how to ring the most out of Red Oxx Adventure Travel Bags. You make us proud. Proud to offer such a perfect travel companion as our Rucksack and Beano Carry-on Bags. Tough, dependable and capable, just like an Ox, a Red Oxx that is! Thank you Loy for sharing with us your Adventure Journal!

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