Expedition Gear Goes Hunting in the Altai Mountains

Remote Siberia Is Tough Country, Red Oxx Expedition Gear Is Tougher.

Big enough for big hunting expeditions, the Red Oxx Expedition Series of Outfitter Gear Bags go for an adventure with hunter Ike McClendon across the rugged mountains of remote Mongolia.

Hi Jim,
Just wanted you to know your Red Oxx Expedition Gear Bags can handle everything you need to take an adventure as far away as Mongolia. As you can see by the picture of us by a Yurt, this is some pretty rough country. Harsh weather and the mean and unforgiving countryside of the Golden Altai Mountains in southern Siberia can wreck havoc on ordinary travel luggage.

We are pleased to say your Red Oxx Expedition Gear was up to the task. Jason and I both bought several sizes and managed to pack all our survival gear including hunting camo, foodstuffs, ammo and optics without any problem.

Just wanted to say thanks for the great quality and durability. We’ll be using Red Oxx Gear for years of hunting expeditions to come.

Ike McClendon
Miami, Texas

Tough countryside indeed Ike. We like to think adventuresome outfitters like Ike and Jason, who put Red Oxx Adventure Gear to the real test, in unmatched rugged countryside like the Siberian Mountains, are a true testament to our efforts at superior quality and design. Thanks for the compliment!

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