Flat Dog Gun Slip – a Rifle’s Companion

On Keeping Your Prized Rifles Scratch Free.

If a rifle is a man’s best friend, then surely a Red Oxx Flat Dog Gun Slip is a rifle’s best friend? Roger Haaland would certainly agree! He ought to know, he’s meticulous about his prized rifles.

Hi Jim,
My wife and I enjoy going on safari hunting adventures. We hunted in Zimbabwe’s Save Valley Conservancy one summer for two weeks. For the first time, we used your Red Oxx Adventure travel luggage on our trip. To be blunt: We have fallen in love with it. Red Oxx Travel Gear is functional and attractive. So many compartments for packing and good quality zippers (do you know how hard it is to find reliable zippers?). Believe me, the sturdy straps were much appreciated.

Let’s talk about my rifles. I’m a real perfectionist when it comes to keeping my hunting rifles in top shape and ready for action. The Red Oxx Flat Dogs Rifle Slips kept my rifles protected from the dusty roads. Your Flat Dogs Soft Gun Cases also fit the bill because it was quick and easy to access my rifles, even while hunting.

My wife said the accompanying picture should be labeled "Going Home." It was taken on the morning we flew out of Zimbabwe after a successful 15 days of hunting. Not hard to tell by the picture we own a lot of your gear. So, many thanks for making such quality travel gear!
Roger T. Haaland

Right on Roger! We’re hunters and shooters, too, and nothing hurts worse than seeing a fresh ding or scratch on your favorite new rifle. We struggle to make the best rifle slip on the market. For some of us, our rifles bring home the dinner. For others, they’re works of art. Why not appeal to both?

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