Red Oxx Privacy and Security Policy

Red Oxx only collects information from you voluntarily. This information is used to process orders or send you a follow-up review request. Red Oxx may occasionally send out a newsletter or product updates via email, a service from which you may opt in to be included. We will respect your right to privacy. Therefore, we will never share or sell our customer information or email addresses to a third party.

To provide a reliable means for customers to ensure the security of their payment information, Red Oxx uses Thawte Corporation’s SSL (Secure Socket Layer) digital certificates.

SSL enables a web browser and a web server to communicate securely; it allows the web browser to authenticate the identity of the web server and encrypt the information sent to our server.

When a web site is not using an SSL certificate, web users will see the "unlocked" icon or a broken key in the browser window. When SSL is enabled, the padlock icon will become "locked", or the key icon will be unbroken. If a secure SSL connection is established between the web browser and the web server, the "http" in the web address will normally change to "https." For example: "" becomes "" The SSL connected browser will also display the "locked" icon.

How Red Oxx Receives and Uses Your Credit Card Numbers

Your credit card and order information are transferred securely to the Red Oxx server using SSL. The data is decrypted, and the order information is stored in our shopping cart program, UniteU Technologies. The credit card information is then transmitted securely using SSL to Red Oxx. In compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, Red Oxx retains your credit card information for the minimum time necessary to conduct business; to process and ship your order. Our data retention period is 72 hours or less. If an order is placed during normal business hours, this window of time is often less than an hour.

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