Grip is the Best Money Spent on the Rails

Blogging Railroader Jason Plett Swears by his Grip.

You hear about our bags from travelers, but what about those who work in a specialized industry? The Railroad Grip was developed with one thing in mind, carry all the goods an engineer would need far from home and make it as tough as the land they traverse. Blogger Jason Plett of "What’d You Know About That?" picked up a Railroad Grip for himself and went on to enthusiastically Blog about it.

After he explains what a grip does in storing a lantern, change of clothes, rule book, etc, he asks, "What a wonderful world it would be if that was all you needed for a days work." As profound a statement as this is, funny how that is pretty much what an engineer lives by. So how do you get all that stuff you need on the train? Well, here’s how much stuff Jason brings along:

  • phone charger
  • ipod and charger
  • reading book
  • gym clothes
  • coveralls
  • rain gear
  • hand sanitizer
  • protein bars
  • spare glasses
  • extra clothing
  • other miscellaneous crap

Jason is a self confessed bag and luggage fiend. Here’s why:

On the railroad you come to depend on this little bag, and would be quite lost without it. You find yourself out in the middle of nowhere, with no amenities, the only thing you can rely on is you grip at that point. Thus the necessity of a high quality durable bag that is well organized.

Jason railed some more about his Grip proclaiming, "…this little gem has been the best money I have spent on the railroad. This thing is nuke-proof." Speaking about the competition, Jason stated that they didn’t measure up. Summing his review up Jason stated, "Red Oxx, the best bag company you have never heard of."

A few comments followed Jason’s thread including one that raved about a little known feature of Red Oxx bags, "For example the uv resistant thread, who else does that? The hardware is top notch, zippers are second to none…I liked (the Monogramming) because there is no confusion at the depot, an airport, bus station…I highly recommend the bag, worth every penny."

You can’t ask for a more honest review than one that’s written by someone who lives the life.

Read the entire review here. (You may have to log in) Thanks Jason!

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