From Snow to Savannah by Ant Williams

This article appeared on page 56 of African Hunter Magazine Vol. 11 No. 6. Special thanks to Anthony “Ant” Williams for permission to use the article.

Yeah, I know, a bit of a quirky title, but true. I actually stole the words from one of my companions at the 2005 Reno SCI Convention while packing up the booth. I had one of the Red-Oxx Safari Beano series of bags, and was stuffing copious left over magazines and other paraphernalia into it. The mission to get out of there as quick as possible so we could all head for the slopes at Tahoe. The bag was coming along before being re-packed, loaded (not too carefully I might add) onto an airliner, and transported half way round the globe back to Africa. So, “From Snow to Savannah” is not too far off the mark.

The little company from Montana known as Red-Oxx which has been going for some 15 years, approach their trade with a serious commitment to quality. Owners Jim and Perry use only the highest quality materials and fittings – down to stainless steel D shackles and clips and rugged zippers – and offer a lifetime unconditional warranty. Their philosophy is to make gear knowing what it must endure and guarantee it does not fall apart or malfunction, letting a customer down in some remote or hostile part of the planet where quick repairs are not an option. That is why they back their product with the lifetime warranty saying “You break it, we Marvel. Then we replace or repair it, no questions asked!” Now that is how it should be.

But that is not the real reason I like their products. They are incredibly well thought out, functional and ergonomical. I have yet to use kit which really does fill my needs when off hunting or fishing like those from Red-Oxx. I acquired a little matching shaving bag with my Beano Bag which is just as functional, sturdy and well made. The designs used at Red-Oxx are the result of guys who know the outdoors, use the kit themselves, and ensure they serve the purpose for which they were designed. Ask them how they get from Montana every year to all the shows on the show circuit… they drive! And I believe it takes weeks, but that is what they are about.

As for my bag… well it survived the ski slopes – which is a lot more than most of us poor Africans did on those slippery down hills – and it survived the rigours of carting a full load back through the not-too-gentle luggage handlers at several airports, all the way back to the African savannah.

I have yet to really fill it to bursting point – I probably would not be able to lift it if I did – but it goes everywhere with me, and is coveted by many. That is the other thing, the product looks good too. Oh, because of all this individual attention, these products will only be seen in selected outlets (Red Oxx Factory Store ONLY – Ed), through their web site ( or bought at the various shows and conventions they attend. Like their advert says “NOT sold at a store near you!”

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