From Skivvies to Rifles, Red Oxx Gear Protects

Hey, Fresh Boxers Are As Important As a Clean, Undamaged Rifle! Here’s Proof!

When you team up your Red Oxx Luggage, you not only protect your precious underwear, you also protect your cameras, binoculars, guns, and other safari necessities, too! Jason White from Dallas, Texas can testify to that. He put together the perfect luggage set for his many safaris. Whether by land, air, or hoofing it with a good pair of boots, a good combo is the way to travel. How does your luggage set compare?

Hello Jim,
I happily discovered Red Oxx at the Dallas Safari Club convention back in 2004. That’s the first year I went on safari in Africa, and Red Oxx went along for the adventure in the form of a Safari Beano, Rucksack, Bino Case and Varmint Rifle Case. Red Oxx lived up to their reputation on that hunt, and Red Oxx has accompanied me on all my hunts and travels ever since.

This year, I hunted Cape Buffalo and plains game in South Africa with Stormberg Elangeni Safaris, driving and hunting from the Eastern Cape Province to the Limpopo Province & Kruger National Park. We traveled well over 1,000 miles courtesy of a Toyota Land Cruiser, and that’s only counting the paved roads, with my gear protected by Red Oxx riding in the back.

As you know, when on safari, your gear is exposed to the elements in the back of an open hunting vehicle; and that’s where my rugged Red Oxx bags and cases excel. Not only are they the toughest, best constructed gear around, they’re also the best designed. Take the Rucksack for example; we arrived in Jo’burg but our checked bags didn’t, so we lived out of our carry-on bags for two days. Guess who was wearing fresh skivvies? Me, the guy who carried a Red Oxx Ruck! I had room for my telephoto zoom, digital SLR, DVD player, binos, and fresh boxers!

But the one piece of gear I can’t live without is the Varmint Rifle Case. I don’t hunt varmints. By definition, I don’t even own a “varmint gun“. But don’t let the name fool you, the Varmint Gun Case isn’t just for gopher hunters. The size, shape, and external pockets let me carry multiple ammo loads, binos, bipod, range finder, cleaning supplies — you name it. Everything you need at the ready before you jump off the truck. As a matter of fact, on this trip I had to loan mine to my buddy, when his rifle and bipod needed a good home while bouncing around Africa. He didn’t take my advice to buy one before we left, but he’ll be buying one now!

Thanks to Jim and the team at Red Oxx for protecting my cameras, guns, optics, & electronics . . . oh, and my skivvies, too!

Jason White
Dallas, Texas

Jason, you crack us up. We’ve all experienced the importance of fresh underwear while sweating it out on safari, it just never occurred to us to brag about it. I too, loooovve my Varmint Case. I call it “my baby” much to the annoyance of my other baby, Amanda my wife. We’re glad you put together such a perfect luggage combo. Next we’d recommend you add a Safari Toiletry Kit to round out the line. That way more than your undies will be fresh!
Cheers, Jim

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