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Ten subscribers to the Red Oxx newsletter won autographed copies of James Patterson’s “Kill Me If You Can.” Red Oxx’s own Sky Train Carry-on Bag is mentioned on page 129 as the “world’s most efficient carry-on.” 

Sent to your email about every three or four months (quarterly), our Field Report email newsletter features packing tips, travel guidelines, adventure stories, CEO Jim Markel's trips, and new gear introductions. Winners will be notified by email and announced on Facebook, Twitter and here at Red Oxx zealously guards your email address and guarantees your privacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I get your Videos to play
How does your Gift Registry work?

Q. How do I get your Videos to play?
A. To play a video, click either of the arrow play buttons. Red Oxx upgraded to a new video platform and no longer uses Flash to power our videos. Our videos are now compatible with Apple systems including Mac, iPad, iPod and iPhones. If the video starts and stops without playing all the way through, there might be network congestion slowing the program down. Try pausing the video screen until the video loads and then click play button again. This time the video should play smoothly, so you can watch without pauses. We encourage our viewers to watch, share, email, tweet on Twitter, “plus” on Google or “like” on Facebook our product introduction videos, packing videos and product comparison videos. All videos are produced by the Minister of Information for D.O.R.A, the Department Of Redoxx Affairs with all rights reserved. If you would like a copy of a video, simply contact Red Oxx at and request a downloaded version of whichever video you desire. Red Oxx grants anyone with full use of said videos, beyond your request, no permission is required.
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Q. How does your Gift Registry work?
A. Go to the Gift Registry page and click create registry. You will be prompted to sign into your account or create an account and from there you can build out your gift ideas, add friends to your email list, and/or fulfill your gift orders. For example your friend Lois is getting married. She signs into Red Oxx, chooses a bunch of bags for wedding ideas by selecting the product and color and clicking on the “add to registry” link under the buy now button and then adds the email addresses of her friends (including you) who will get an email notification about her wedding gift ideas and requests (her registry). Her friends then can also create an account. Each friend can buy a bag which is removed from the list upon order fulfillment.
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