Duffel Bags Make Travel to Cloud Forest a Breeze

“Everywhere We Went, People Wanted to Know how they Could Get a Bag Like Ours”

Red Oxx co-owner Jim Markel apparently isn’t the first to take Red Oxx’s adventure travel luggage into Costa Rican jungles. Adventurer Denise Kampf and her family beat us to it. Here’s their story.

Dear Red Oxx,
Here are 3 photos for my Journal. All three were taken at the Drake Bay Airport, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. (Yes, that is indeed the terminal at Drake Bay.)

After touring and hiking the volcano and Cloud Forest country up north, we flew down to the remote Drake Bay landing strip/airport. Then we sailed an hour down the coast to Bahia Paraiso, where we based out of while hiking the most bio diverse place on the planet (according to National Geographic), Corcovado National Park. It’s the only true remaining Central American rainforest.

We swam in a river with crocodiles to reach a waterfall. We were forced up trees by a pack of wild pecaries (warthogs). And we took a sky canopy tour, attached in harnesses on zip lines, hundreds of feet above the forest floor.

We each travelled with our own large Safari Beanos PR6 duffel bags for 12 days. We carried them on every plane which allowed us to be the first through customs. We had to wade through waist deep water to reach our transportation, and the bags made that easy.

No matter how many things we added to the bags, they felt totally secure. They handled as much weight as we could. Our 13 year old daughter carried her own bag the entire trip.

The outer pockets made traveling easier. They looked like new when we returned, after being thrown into speed boats and stuffed under Cessna seats.

Any bags with wheels would have been useless for us. The terrain just wouldn’t have allowed them to work.

Everywhere we went, people wanted to know how they could get a bag like ours. Our guides who helped us ashore at Bahia Baraiso called out to each other to check out our bags.

We loved the security of knowing that we didn’t have to worry about the bags zippers failing. The large exterior pockets made it easy getting to our tickets and books while traveling.

These are the only bags we’ll travel with anymore.

Denise Kampf

Congratulations, Denise. We’re just wondering if you had the Safari Beanos slung over your shoulder as you were scrambling up the trees to avoid the warthogs? And did you balance the bags on your head as you forded the river with alligators watching? Hard core, Denise. Very.

And what a great destination for a trip. Check out this Costa Rica Tourism site for more information about this area of the country.

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