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Kat shows off the Kat Pack Backpack

Tell Us What You Think – Customer Product Reviews

February 26, 2013Minister of Information
Review Your Favorite Bags on Red Oxx customers have the greatest stories. If you’ve seen our Adventure Journals, you know there’s few places on the face of planet Earth that haven’t seen a Red Oxx bag pass through. Now that our website can collect product reviews, you don’t have to be one of the
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thawte secrity seal

Red Oxx Privacy and Security Policy

February 26, 2013Minister of Information
Red Oxx only collects information from you voluntarily. This information is used to process orders or send you a follow-up review request. Red Oxx may occasionally send out a newsletter or product updates via email, a service from which you may opt in to be included. We will respect your right to privacy. Therefore, we
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The Cleaning Goods: Tub, Soap, Brush

How To Clean Your Red Oxx Bag

February 26, 2013Minister of Information
The Minister Of Information Shares His Bag Cleaning Secrets. Burner I’m a Burner. What’s a Burner? A "Burner" is someone who attends the Burning Man Festival located in the inhospitable environment of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. For the past 3 years I’ve brought along my Red Oxx Gear. And despite every effort to
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Red Oxx Customer Service

Legendary Red Oxx Customer Care

February 26, 2013Minister of Information
How can we help you? Red Oxx takes great pride in our Customer Service. In fact we like to prefer to call it customer care, because we do care. You have a variety of paths you can take to communicate with our trained and friendly staff. You can call us direct, you can email us,
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The ladies who tie our Monkey Fist Zip Knots.

Monkey Fist Usage Suggestions

February 26, 2013Minister of Information
Monkey Fist Zip Knots Contest To zip knot? Or zip not? That is the question. Here at Red Oxx we use our Monkey Fist Zip Knots as reliable zipper pulls for all our bags. We first got the idea when we saw someone using them as zipper pulls on a ski jacket. After our supply
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Maximize your carry-on. Red Oxx Carry-on Dimmensions and Requirements Explained

Carry-on Luggage Dimensions and Requirements Explained – Part 1

June 9, 2012Jim Markel
Selecting the Red Oxx carry-on luggage that’s right for you This first in a series of articles written by Red Oxx co-founder and CEO Jim Markel will address questions we often answer by phone, email, chat or face to face in regards to traveling with carry-on luggage. Red Oxx offers a lot of options to
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Red Oxx Featured in Microsoft Case Study

June 9, 2012Jim Markel
Microsoft highlighted Red Oxx’s Business Solutions Retail Management System in a client case study. Microsoft highlighted Red Oxx’s Business Solutions Retail Management System in a client case study. With help from Microsoft, Red Oxx can better track customers, shorten steps, contain costs, and hoist sales. Here is a brief overview of the Microsoft solution: Sustaining
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Red Oxx Factory Outlet Retail Store

Buy Your Oxx in Person

June 9, 2012Minister of Information
Red Oxx Factory Outlet Retail Store Is Here To Serve You If you’re planning on visiting Big Sky country, make sure to set aside some time to visit to the Red Oxx Factory Outlet Retail Store. Our retail showroom is located near downtown Billings, Montana. For directions, check out the maps below. If you’re coming
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Carry-on Duffel Perfection - What is the best Duffel?

What Makes the Perfect Carry-on Duffel?

May 30, 2012Jim Markel
As airlines cut the weight limit on checked bags, your carry-on duffel bag has become even more important. < >The weight limit of 50 lbs on a checked bag means space must be used in the most efficient, convenient, roomy manner possible. So exactly what makes the perfect carry-on, well, perfect? Here CEO Jim Markel
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Red Oxx Bags come in 12 Colors

12 Luggage Colors to Suit Your Palette

April 27, 2009Minister of Information
Make your Bags Pop Off the Conveyor Belt When Red Oxx launched their first bags over 20 years ago, basic black was pretty much the standard fare in soft travel luggage. Our Aviator bags are still made with black ballistic cordura nylon. Red Oxx plodded along, pumping out generic black travel bags. But one day
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